Very good e-reader for a fair price

Very good e-reader for a fair price

Tolino Shine eReader (electronic)

Customer Review

I own the Tolino Shine now for a few weeks, here are my first impressions:

Purchase motivation

- The special price as the Tolino is currently the cheapest Reader with engebautem light.
- I can buy eBooks from any vendor, borrow, download.


The Tolino Shine has been wrapped in a very sturdy box. Here no half measures were definitely made. The packaging consists of an inner and an outer carton. What are telescoped. The box I find extremely robust. The can also have quiet in the shopping bag, where are various other things are in it. The Tolino Shine should be well embedded in it here in any case.
The information content is very pronounced. I had not yet really know from this unit. But the packaging has told me much about it.

In the box next to the Tolino Shine is also a USB cable included. In addition, a warranty card and a quick start guide is to which is intended to facilitate the start with the Tolino Shine.
Here I think it's great that not so much Klimbim in the package. In addition, I appreciate it very much from the manufacturers that they have not kept the information content to sparse. Many devices have been unfortunately the case that you now can not say exactly from the packaging forth what the device can all now. Here you will not left in the dark.


The reader makes a high quality impression is light and fits comfortably in your hand.
Connections / switch

Top of the enclosure are two small switches. The right switch is used to turn on / off the lighting, which also can be continuously adjusted.

The left slide switch (power) is used to turn on / off the device, but also to awaken the Tolinos when he sleeps! In other words: He is in standby.
Holding down the button for more, the Tolino offers three options: off, restart, cancel.

The difference between Stanby and off is that the Tolino noted what book I just, at which point I have read and me directly brings to the arousal back down.
I have completely switched off the device, I come after switching only on the home page. But here then the book previously read to see a brief tip on it and I am where I stopped reading with again.
Down in the housing - behind a small plastic cap - the connection for the USB cable and the space for the Micro Memory Card installed.
Fall`s it should happen again and the reader hangs, does nothing more, is located next to the USB jack, a reset knobs. With this you can then reset the unit. Bei`m PC called the restart.

The HOME button is easily accessible mounted in the bottom of the reader. This button they keep coming back to homepage of the reader.


I have the battery recharged once about 4 weeks ago, via USB / PC and is still fully one third of what you can, acknowledge the battery icon, top right of the display.
The Tolino can, however, also charge with Netzladerät, this is not but with the delivery. But here are also the chargers, USB cable from my Samsung, Nokia smartphones.
A complete recharging takes so about 4 hours!

In this device, the memory is two Gb. The memory can be but extend up to 32GB via micro SD card.

The latter will not be necessary, the very loose fit to two GB 2000 eBooks. Unlike the Sony Reader that can not play images or music, which would require, of course, more space.
The Tolino also works with the eInk technology. Who wants to know more about this technique: Google.
The touchscreen

Also unlike bei`m Sony: The Sony had except touch even a physical keyboard, which facilitated the turning with one hand, made it possible.

So on vacation at the beach in the left hand scroll the Reader, with your thumb on the button and the right hand on bear strong Cuba Libre ..
However, the leaves is with one hand even with this device possible, because it really goes a very short Wischtip to right with the thumb and one is on the next page. Or Wischtip left, even page (s) back. Is really just a very short, mopping tip.

Presentation, readability is also excellent here. "Clouding" no's and everything goes very quickly without hakeln or the like.
Menu items

. 1 Device settings:

Sleep mode, brightness, time display and the factory settings
At rest (sleep) mode, Wi-Fi and lighting turned off, save for the purpose Ernergie.
The time display can be automatically set the current time via the network (default setting). Is it in a different time zone (holiday) that goes the same way but can also be manually set by hand.

Reset the Tolino to factory settings is actually necessary only if you sell the appliance, given away, because then you delete all the books, account information, passwords. However, only on the device itself, not on the external memory card !!

2.Geräteinfos: battery, hardware software

Here ma provides all information on the device: battery indicator, software version update search, the serial number and MAC address WIFI.

3.Speicher, SD card, free memory

Here there is not much to say, all will be clear. Except maybe the name: free memory. Does nothing else, delete as books!

4. Establish TelekomCloud, upload, title again

This is relatively new to this kind reader, Kindle users, it should however be known for some time: As the name suggests, is the Telekom here 25GB online storage. (Google Drive, Dropbox). Here then land my books (if I want to because) not only on my device, but also in the online store.
Has quite advantages: data backup, access to reading stock not only from Tolino, but also from your PC, tablet or smartphone.

However, the cloud is also important bei`m books purchase, because this land here automatically, if you have bought books on the PC and then click the Tolino.
I n dub Of course, books from Tolino in the cloud, what place on the device schafft.Das whole is simple, simple: Mark eBooks with ticking, press the start button and off you go. Here, then, it is found that the download is always faster than the upload. But that's usually the case and everywhere.

To use these functions prior registration, establishment of T cloud is of course, necessary. But goes relatively quickly and easily, since self-explanatory, automatically.

5. Adobe copy

This requires an Adobe ID. Who has not, it must re-set. In the form of an email address that you use yourself This ID requires you to use eBooks can, based on the Adobe (DRM) system based.
This ID should however not per Tolino - READER relate at, special dial with PC here on the page. Before that you will be warned, but soon enough the Tolino. Who tried it anyway, will be rewarded with a really nice browser crash!

Of course, it's also worth while Adobe ID, but then only for books without copy, or from suppliers who refrain entirely from books.

6. Web Browser

With the browser you have here on this machine, of course the great advantage that you can use all, distributed in the whole of Germany Hotspots Telekom.
For websites that use Java or Flash, the page layout, however, will NOT work! Javascript works.

And it can also be only a window open bei`m surf.
Web addresses can be entered with a virtual keyboard, which opens automatically as you type in de empty browser address bar.
Surfing the net, I really need a Reader but does not work, but also books (eg PDFs) can download, which can read the Tolino.
To finish, the browser simply connect the Home button once.

7. Help

Here you will find the user manual

8. Open Source Licenses

Here the individual software licenses are by Tolino. But is unlikely to be interested in someone well.
What can / has the device yet?


One can read books with the Tolino. And very, very good!
For this you type on the home simply on a book that you want to read. The prerequisite is of course that there are also books on the device.

In my three books were already on it that, except for Max and Moritz, but did not interest me.
The profile is always smudge right, back to the left.

But what is very important in such a device: Even when the sun reading the Tolino is not a problem! He is superior to a tablet far!

The Font

Here you have the choice between 7 font sizes. In order to adjust these for personal use, simply tap the middle of the screen.
Now two windows open with different sizes Aa symbols. Tap now simply THE RIGHT icon and you're done. With the 5 fonts The same procedure is. Finally, just tap Apply finish.

Also worth mentioning here also the Intelligent hyphenation:
No matter which setting you're reading, through the intelligent hyphenation the page is always displayed with optimum typeface and the best possible line break. That's just great. For other readers, it has sometimes annoyed terrible if the text has been illustrated yet readable, but completely torn.

Menu - icons

At this point, I want to briefly mention the other symbols that are visible, you have once typed on the central display area.

Schriftgröße- and kind we already had. Top of the menu can be seen on the far left, an arrow. If you tap on it here, you're back on the home page.

The next icon - 4 transverse lines opens the contents of Tolinos. To scroll through this, navigate, you have to use the arrows at the bottom of the display.
Flag - Symbol

The icon, which is a small, hanging flag looks like, is intended to be easy to set bookmarks.
eg important text - passages, favorite places in the book. These are stored by Mark and you will find these sites at any time. Not only on the reader, but also on the PC, Smartphone., Tablet.
Because over the T-Com - cloud the marked pages with these devices are automatically synchronized. Perfect !!
f symbol / Facebook Share function This is for users Facebook. Enter top Typing, Facebook password and Tolino automatically posting the book that you are reading and the link to the provider's equal with it.
Bullshit, thy name is Facebook!

The sun symbol
Might be clear to everyone that you can adjust the brightness of the display here.

The magnifying glass icon
This is the search function. Here you can search in the books for keywords or complete text passages. It's quick, and simple. If you tap this icon, also opens the same virtual keyboard.
TIP: let fingers hold period or comma key and it opens a menu of special characters. At the bottom of the page, the results obtained are then displayed. Navigating the results using the arrow keys, the left / right are it. Exiting the Search Function on the upper left arrow key.

Convert PDFs into text
This is also not a big problem, convert using the "PDF2Text" text from PDF files in flow text here. But that does not work well.

With the most important thing in a Reader is probably the library. So all the books in a huge large shelf, virtually of course.
In the Libraries view one has the choice between cover and list view. I prefer the last option, because this has the advantage that you can still retrieve additional information about the book on that now to be seen i icon. The arrangement, sorting all the books here is simple and fast. For this, one uses the sort button, which is indicated by an arrow and AZ. If you tap this button, you can choose to specify how the books are to be located in the library: author, title, timeliness or Recently added.

To manage the Biblithek on the PC and reader, I use the freeware CALIBRE.
The current version 0.9.36 (64bit) recognizes the Tolino immediately, setting is simple and self-explanatory.

One shortcoming's but then ...

The so-called "ghosting effect". As you scroll the pages, it may happen that you can very easily and dimly still sees the previous image on the white areas of the display. That bothers me not at all. However, the people who are looking to really have something to complain spasmodically for errors, cut down here like salt in the wound properly. Since the Kindle does not have this phenomenon, one is better off there if you hate this effect. But who is so weak, it does not fall on me.
Why the Kindle that has not? He completes the picture refreshes (or how ever calls it). But I think that this pulls more on the battery.


The shine is Tolino can prepare a small and handy eReader of a lot of reading pleasure, if the user is only interested in reading eBooks. Images can hardly represent the Tolino shine through the grayscale. Operation is simple and self-explanatory, only the purchase of private data and the ghosting gives me slight headache, so there is of me 4 stars.

A unit for private reading there is not yet well or to manipulate the devices and e-books around, bypassing the licenses. This would probably not helped. Thus my desire remains a dream for a unsupervised reading fun. At least I can turn off the WLAN and the Tolino shine even feed via USB.

So, now have done. Wanted to write only a Brief, but now it's become a little bit more .. With this in mind :)

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