Very good game 273

Very good game 273

Gran Turismo 5 (3D compatible) (Video Game)

Customer Review

I have this game for about 3 weeks and I must say that if I find very good, it is not perfect.

Graphically the game is very good malgres few bug that one finds little by now is very fluid and the sense of speed glue rather well to the type of car that one driver "or conduit for some ... "decors are well see even very good in the city, only the shadows on the cars sometimes do a little weird impression. Premium cars are clearly above those standards but again this is not too annoying in the game, once in the race you do not spend her time watching the stirrups of disc brakes through the wheels in motion !!!

Small regret about managing damage is visually lege and not on any cars, but especially the cars performance is not diminished during impacts what is for me the biggest shortage in the game.

It's clear that AI competitors is not the height in the races we win too easily by the fit-in while in the tests and certain permits the difficulty is much greater after a small but globally hundred hours of game is always fun to go in search of the right car for a given race and engage in trying to have a gold ordeal permit that was already trying to 20 or 30 times ...

Regarding priori about this game is quite delicate, at first the game has been postponed and so Sony also promised us enormously that we can be a little disappointed, to read some this game is a real crap, but at Final fun to play and sensations are present, even if it remains the WG clear if you do not love others you will not like the one either.

3D gaming and non-gaming network fault adequate testing equipment, but immersion projector warranty (hence the 5 star) ...

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