Very good GPS Clock-The has to analyze all the runners required.

Very good GPS Clock-The has to analyze all the runners required.

Garmin Forerunner 220 GPS Running Watch-with running and training functions (equipment)

Customer Review

Garmin Forerunner 220 Running Watch
After several attempts with polar and GPS transmitter on the arm I have everything sold again and walked for years as normal without anything. Since the appearance of the email Garmin Forerunner 220 and clock 620, I then become here and there keeping an eye on it, now the price was quite a bit like.
It was the Forerunner 220 because you my opinion for an experienced runner provides all the relevant data. The other features of the Forerunner 620 as step height and ground contact time I do not need.

For me, the values ​​found for stride length and stride rate per minute are critical to the daily training, these values ​​are displayed in the Connect software.
These values ​​are for me for the assessment of my running style the most important variables in addition to Pace. Thus, the clock works in buildings and stops here speed and step frequency.
I have further set down in the text sometimes a "sheet" for the assessment and the definition of Garmin for different fitness levels a runner.
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The additional features of the 620, including wireless internet, recovery time and VO / Max also I do not need to bear in mind is yes here whatsoever that too much electronics is also becoming more susceptible to interference. Measure the chest strap for pulse for me is not important because I know the values ​​for years from her body feeling, therefore I have the Forerunner 220 model without pulse / sternum strap bought.

Application Reliability
Before first use, I have the Garmin Express software that I already checked for my Garmin Navi be used if a software or driver update is vorganden. The was also so, the GPS function has been brought up to date. The clock software was with version 2.70 up to date.

My running tracks always run through dense forest. The Forerunner 220 clock was always placed on the window sill before the race, so you will then start running at almost directly the GPS signal, really great, so must be the. No annoying waiting like the Polar models. The clock has the GPS signal also never lost what is obviously important.
After a few runs, we can say that the clock is very accurate measures I have the distance of 15.5 km before expired with a very accurate GPS Tracker Holux and the clock shows up to 100-200 meters to the same result.

The Quick Start Guide is intended only for the first use. I have then downloaded the detailed PDF manual from the Net at Garmin.

Service functions
The chic red / black, the user-definable displays, intervals, alarm, vibration function, clock function, power off, power-saving mode and the good display with changeable colors, water resistant to 50 meters, the lightweight compact design with a beautiful bracelet convince directly. Starting the GPS timekeeping is realized always on the red start button.
All functions can be set easily. The display can be read very good, the lighting work for needs very well.
Another practical feature is the automatic display change function so that the individual displays while running automatically after a set time individually by zapped. But I have now shut down again after a few runs. I now always use only the main display with the three values ​​total time, total distance and pace.
Lying with the side bottom left landscaped snaps one can at any time Duch zap to the 2 other ads.
The Auto Pause feature worked for me but not always 100% sometimes shows you also the very slow uphill run and standstill at the clock then goes on break. I have it off then one can himself briefly press the pause button when you stop, must start running again when the red button be pressed again.

But since I'm only in the forest, which is a good solution. But if you mainly running in the city, it may be better to pause function again, because you will here so much more distracted by traffic etc. and also often have to stop.

The heights are measured using the GPS signal. The flat design a barometer would not fit into the clock. Garmin has however built a great future here.
After transferring the data to the Connect page Garmin compensates the determined heights GPS data the clock again with an additional Web survey satisfaction so these data are much more accurate about as accurate as a barometer, because of Surveying services is indeed a barometer for Height determination a. The advantage for the runner! The clock stops due to lack of easily barometer beautiful, he has all but information and very accurate.

When correcting for elevation determined from the GPS position data (latitude and longitude) are compared with the height data provided by a survey service. After height adjustment each track point of the activity containing the elevation data of the Web service and not covered by the GPS elevation data.
Garmin Connect uses either of corrections in order to ensure a more accurate representation of height data. For activities that are recorded from a device without barometric altimeter, the altitude correction is enabled by default. For activities that are recorded from a device with a barometric altimeter, highly accurate elevation data are usually available. Therefore, in such devices, the height correction is disabled by default. The altitude correction is similar to the Motion Based Gravity service.

The clock has no Back to Start function. For me personally not important since I always run known routes or simply go on Endeckungstour when I travel.
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Very useful is the user-definable vibration function and alarm function. Factory are both set to 1 Km, I have the alarm function off since it anyway does not hear the alarm with the headphones of MP3 player. The vibration function you realize very clearly by the arm. So you can check its mileage over again and improve as you look at the various points and times of 1 Km Distance noted at fixed running distances.
The vibration and alarm function can be defined and so also for other Traningsziele as pulse limit above or below the Pace.

The battery life also fits, the clock keeps loose the ten hours. When transferring the drive data to the Garmin Connect site which simply snaps with the USB cable and the handy watches plastic clamp and is self-explanatory, the clock is also charged repeatedly. I always invite the clock via an additional commercially available USB adapter to the I charge my smartphone.

Garmin Software
*************** On the Garmin Connect site you can see the data in great detail then analyze online with friends in different social community to share pages. You can also load runs from the Garmin community at the clock.
The automatic upload does not work with my computer Win 8.1.1, it is always an error message from Communicator Plugin matter which browser I use have tried everything that might be due to WIN 8.1.1
As the clock appears as a drive on the PC, the data can manually select the path to the folder you Aktivity easily, you have to select only the last file and click Fit then upload simply.
Alternatively, also works the upload via a smartphone with Garmin Connect App or the I Phone with the I Phone app. The whole thing just goes with the Android version 4.3 or the I Phone.

In Garmin Connect software the route is displayed beautifully on Google Maps, here are the individual sections per Km with the respective Pace of stride length, step frequency, indicating the optimal cadence, the altitude reading with height difference and the calories burned in beautiful colored graphics shown. You can also switch to the up spilled speed in km / h here.
Very nice is also the play function. With this you can leave the route through virtual and then gets on the individual sections see the individual values.

"Coloured ads and run-efficiency data"
************************************************** **********************************

The running performance page contains a color display for the main value. You can step frequency, vertical movement or ground contact time show as main values. In the color display you will see your running performance data compared with those of other runners. The ink zones are based on percentages.

Garmin has conducted scientific studies with runners of different fitness levels. The data values ​​in the red or orange zone are typical for beginners or slower runners. The data values ​​in green, blue or purple zone are typical of experienced or faster runners. Less experienced runners often have longer ground contact times and a lower pace than experienced runners. For larger rotors, however, the pace is somewhat lower in the rule and the vertical motion a little bigger.

Ink fountain percent step frequency range Vertical movement range ground contact time range in zone
Violet> 95> 185 SPM Blue 7095 174185 SPM 6.78.3 cm 208-240 ms
Green 30-69 163-173 SPM 8.4-10.0 cm 241-272 ms
Orange 5-29 151-162 SPM 10.1-11.8 cm 273-305 ms
Red 11.8 cm> 305 ms

All the data can also be evaluated offline Training Center with the free Garmin software, this software is, however, not nearly as clear as the Garmin Connect software, I have these removed again from my PC. Really very suitable is the software SportTracks, this is, however, a charge, the price is 35 dollars or 25 euros.
The clock and Connect software also shows performance improvements, for example, about the best 5 Km or 10 Km the entire fastest time and so on.

I will now, of course, always wear the clock, since you even after many years running a very motivated to improve its performance and to run regularly. The Garmin 220 is perfect for running, analyze and easily create, you do not notice the clock, as opposed to 620 the clock is almost a third cheaper. Qualitatively, there are no differences from the processing, I have looked at just two clocks before buying. The clock gets my full recommendation to buy.

Very easy
Beautiful attractive design
Very well made
Lightweight, sturdy bracelet
Very good color display
Clock can be switched off
Clock can be used as a normal clock
GPS is very accurate, the signal super stable even in dense forest
Also works perfectly in other sports such as skating or biking
Clock has all the essentials for Laufanlalyse
Very useful vibration and alarm function
Any adjustable intervals
Ads can be freely defined
Automatic display change function
Water resistant to 50 meters
Regular updates about Garmin Express
Free very detailed Tranings Software Garmin Connect and Trainigscenter

So far, nothing noticed.

Please feel the usefulness of each review fair to evaluate by clicking on the "Yes" or "No" button. This will help other customers to keep track of your product reviews.

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Review from 10/06/2014 I use the Garmin now regularly 3-4 times a week running and also recently at inline skating. Here the clock is characterized naturally like while running the distance traveled on, but you should better turn while skating the Pause function again, since one stops more often and for example, is deflected in the city due to traffic and traffic lights than when running. The clock works perfectly, I am very excited.

06/11/2014 After Windows Update for Windows 8.1.1 for x64-based Systems (KB2962409) does the upload of activity now after connecting the clock via USB to your PC automatically.

Addendum 08/01/2014 I am now when running at dusk noticed that the clock has a light sensor. It is every time when the clock after one kilometer vibrates the illumination enabled so that you can read off the pace. When switching the 3 ads will also automatically activates the lighting at dusk. This is a great useful feature. Have fun run.

Addendum of 11/05/2014 The clock will continue to be used 2-3 times a week and works perfectly. I noticed the following.
Sometimes the clock displays after turning on and wait for connection no contact with the GPS satellites.
If you then press the red button is the connection but right there and the GPS icon will turn green, but that happens very rarely. I now have the software 3:00 on the clock.

Addendum 23/11/2014 The clock continues to run perfectly, Garmin supplies an even regularly with updates. Meanwhile, I have the software version 3.10 on the clock.

Not Recognized ur Windws 8.1 Rank: 2/5
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happy 1107 Rank: 4/5
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8x dvd false Rank: 1/5
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