Very good price / performance ratio, also suitable for film look

Very good price / performance ratio, also suitable for film look

BENQ MW523 3D DLP Projector (New 3D, WXGA, 1280x800 pixels, 3000 ANSI lumens, 1280x800 pixels, Contrast 10,000: 1, HDMI, VGA) (Electronics)

Customer Review

I've tried some beamers.

BenQ W750, a Optoma H100, a Benq MW663 and Acer x1340wh. All 4 other devices had drawbacks, which were unacceptable for me in the bedroom.

The Acer and Optoma had a "sagging image" despite correct installation and orientation of (some 5cm to 2m width).
The BenQ W750 is great however up to the volume, this projector, I also reserve for the living room.
The MW663 was very good with the best optics of all mentioned devices. The price was me but too high because I will never use the WIDI function.

Therefore, I bought me the MW523.
The volume level is very low in dynamic mode with my model. In my opinion, even quieter than the Acer. But as in other recessions, the volume is criticized, I think that there are a few revisions.
My projector is revision 101,100, the software 1.02.

To look I can only say that for the price very good!
The image edges are on 2 meters wide just to max. 1cm bent.
The convergence is good, only cyan and magenta can be seen as a slight deviation (chromatic aberration, max 1 pixel). The focus is on the overall picture of good to excellent, but still perfectly adequate. The zoom is variable enough. Optical errors occur over the entire zoom range to not matter. The zoom is so very good, but not without convergence error.

Overall, one can say that the projector for the money a solid optic has installed. Nothing is loose or chops.

The projector has a total of 2 built-in fan, neither generate a humming or whirring.
Even the color wheel can be heard almost at all.

The brightness is once you set the image film fit slightly darker than the W750, but perfectly adequate. The MW523 has a RGBCYW color wheel, ie a white segment as the Optoma, the MW663 and the Acer (RGBCYW and RGBCWM). I find that by the missing segment the image does little suffering. The knalligeren colors (probably intended for presentations) on the setting for HC owes you for a lower brightness.
The W750 has incidentally also a RGBCYW color wheel, so take a good picture and through the white segment at that very bright.
The presentation Beamer character one notices only by ghosting in fast scenes dark. Since it may happen that some strong streaks occur.

Summary, one can say:
RGBRGB (mostly expensive equipment, home cinema) = no rainbow effect, natural colors, darker.
RGBCYM (mostly units of upper class) = very flashy image in true colors, a little darker, medium rainbow effect.
RBGCWM and RGBCYW (usually round beamer, affordable price range) = bright image gaudy to the lack of secondary color, medium to stronger rainbow effect.

The above information on the color wheel are just my subjective impressions and can not serve as a reference for others.

Some menu items are not available for the MW523, since the projector is meant for presentations. Thus, gamma or dynamic-black can not be adjusted. These points are, however, in my opinion, not necessary since you can handle on the brightness / contrast these points.

A plus is the low power consumption, unlike the W750 and MW663 (about 300W at full light output). The MW523 consumes only 237W at full power and has optional adjustable LampSave mode up to 10,000 hours of lamp life.

I decided, for the bedroom to keep the MW523. The projector is image technically good enough, nice and quiet, consumes little power, has a long lamp life and is already plus light and compact. The black color is also very unobtrusive and also produces the projector by the only side vents no visible stray light. All other projectors have this problem (except the Optoma). The resolution of 1280x800 is also ok, even if you will not use 80 rows of mirrors the film look. For 4: 3 programs but this is again an advantage.
The projector can also be fixed to 16: 9, so the canvas siesem format can be customized.

For 3D effect: I've noticed between all devices with my glasses Sainsonic little difference. The MW523 produces a very nice depth effect and the image is bright enough even in eco mode.

Criticism can be found at the remote control. This is in my opinion too small and important functions are only accessible via the menu. Direct buttons There are only a few. The lack of lighting is not a criticism. However, I have tested the remote control of the W750 and almost all buttons can be verweden. That would be an option should there be this Fernbedieung individually.

Still on the subject of power consumption:
The MW523, the Acer and Optoma X1340WH H100 190W UHP lamp and use a consume between 200W and 240W with a brightness at 3000 ANSI lumens.
The W750 and MW663 have installed a 210W lamp and consume up to 300W at 2500 or 3000 lumens.
Probably the real light output on the type of built-optics and the setting of the device depends.

I also have the outlet temperature of the device at max. Brightness after 1 hour running time measured (directly to the ventilation slots:
Acer X1340WH = 54Grad
Optoma H100 = 56Grad
Benq W750 = 62Grad
Benq MW663 = 60 degrees
Benq MW523 = 55Grad

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