very good receiver with some room for improvement with respect. operability

very good receiver with some room for improvement with respect. operability

Onkyo TX-8020 (S) stereo receiver (90 watts, direct mode, 3-D / 5 analog inputs, phono, RDS FM / AM Tuner) Silver (Electronics)

Customer Review

+ No noise amplifier. really none at all.
+ DIGITAL INPUT and auto-standby for the price range super.
+ Sound (of course) absolutely neutral (at least in the TONE DIRECT mode). At such a thing as "amplifiers sound" I do not think so. After all, a good amplifier amplifies the incoming audio signal simply - and not change it.

- Lautsprecheranschluessen much too close together. The connecting the speaker is totally fiddly.
- The large volume knob is made of very light plastic. Haptic really very bad.
- Press the "Memory" to save the radio station, there is only the amplifier, not on the remote control. So you have all the radio stations directly save on the amplifier. And this is the absolute agony because you can not directly enter a space, but has to click with the amplifier located at the pad by the individual memory locations. Unfortunately, this is also complicated by additionally that the memory mode is exited immediately as soon as something changes in the received RDS signal. That made me really driven last night to incandescence. Absolutely uncomfortable.
- The direct election of a transmission space on the remote control via the number keys is far too fiddly because the election mode in which you have to type in the two-digit number of the transmission space, is left much too fast again.

The transmitter is memorized luckily yes only once at the beginning.
The speakers you close indeed only once at the beginning.
The volume will be well-regulated mostly by the remote control.
Therefore, these negative aspects in everyday life are not so relevant.
But the direct election of the broadcasting space to a radio station using the number buttons on the remote will be annoying in everyday life, however.
Whoever listens to no radio, or always the same station, but for which it is not even relevant.

Too bad, with a little optimization of the software, the memory button on the remote control and speaker terminals, which have a little more distance from each other, that would really be an absolutely perfect product.
Nevertheless, there are currently no other stereo receivers from major brands with these features at such a low price. Therefore, still an absolute buy recommendation!

Recommend value for the housewife Rank: 5/5
September 2
The great adventure 1 Rank: 5/5
January 22
GPS signal Rank: 5/5
November 22
ideal 14125 January 25 Rank: 5/5
May 17

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