Very good remote control 1

Very good remote control 1

One For All URC 7140 Essence 4 universal remote control (accessory)

Customer Review

I have bought this remote control to finally banish all other times in the drawer. The OFA URC-7140 Exxence 4 delivers what it promises. Also I had a few difficulties, set the remote control for my new TV and the new SAT receiver initially. This of course is no wonder if these two devices newly arrived in April on the market and I bought the URC-7140 in June.

First, I had inquired by email about the codes of the two new devices. Unfortunately that did not work so completely (but was not that I got the wrong info from OFA but because I go probably done something wrong during programming and the URC-7140 "dirty" had). Then I called OFA and explained my problem. A very friendly staff member asked me to send in URC-7140. They wanted to look at the then and possibly expand the list of devices in the remote control. But that would take about 10 working days from receipt of the remote control.

Said and done. I have the remote control sent with a covering letter, to which I had the devices types and manufacturing year and month (far as I knew) listed. Sent by registered mail Monday and already on the following Friday to get back with a list of valid codes for my device. The code for my TV and the satellite receiver itself were so new that they were not even present in the URC-7140 in the purchased version. They were programmed by OFA simply in the device list in the remote control. This is a service, as I have long not seen him - and in the most positive sense of course! The prerequisite for this free service, that the OFA remote control was purchased within the last year. This must of course be assigned - logically. Then does the service cost EUR 16 (incl. Return costs).

Almost all functions of my belonging to the remote devices were covered with the codes mentioned me. Only some "exotic" subject to be taught by means of the learning function of the URC-7140. Since then I have really a lot of fun on the device.

My conclusion: Definitely highly recommended.

one of the best musicals I know Rank: 5/5
February 18
exellent seller Rank: 5/5
August 6
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January 6
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September 5

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