Very good sound, but service leaves much to be desired

Very good sound, but service leaves much to be desired

Panasonic SC-ALL3EG-K Wireless multi-room speaker system (Qualcomm Allplay, streaming, 40 Watt RMS) (Electronics)

Customer Review

This is my first experience with a wireless speaker. Previously I used Bluetooth devices and equipment with cable connection, everything always easy and trouble-free. This equipment of Panasonic, I first had to study the manual to durchzublicken at all, because self-explanatory here is nothing.
It comes with an unfoldable guide that is extremely unusual scarce. In principle, the connection is explained with a wireless network here only. A full guide there is only online.

The speaker, alas, has no display, there are only two in the speaker integrated control Ichter: a durable orange for energy display and a first orange-blue flashing light-emitting diode, the steady blue when wireless connection. The WiFi device via a WiFi-enabled mobile device, in my case, a Sony MP3 player with Android operating system. There had to be entered in the browser after a given address, then carried out the connection to the Panasonic device. This worked quite well so far, but could do with a better display, perhaps in the form of a display, run much easier.

Now an app needs to be downloaded in order to be able to listen to music at all. Panasonic of course proposes its own app Panasonic Music Streaming. After a brief, frustrating I use this app but quickly removed. In the beginning it worked quite well, but soon turned a disappointment, because the songs can not be played completely. You have to create playlists or choose them individually. After a short time however, there was also first crashes of the software, then was permanently displayed "Can not play a song - Confirm" (probably played by the app only MP3 files). In general, the operation is unnecessarily complicated and slow. Quite fast my patience was then at the end, and I've uninstalled the app.
Next, I downloaded the "Allplay Jukebox" which so far works smoothly and quickly without crashes. But similar Again problems as the Panasonic app: It can play only MP3 files, all songs can not be played in a playlist (as too many) and also hears the list for any reason to "I", which is why I only half of my songs is available. Thus, this app has little benefit for me.
Then I have the very good app found me "Allplay Radio", which finally turns out to be very good. Here no wishes remain unsatisfied, you can go to the main categories Local radio, music, sports, news, talk, by location and by language search and then obtains each many subcategories (about every imaginable genre), which leads to a boundless abundance worldwide radio stations. The app is easy to use and works very well so far.
In addition, the device is also compatible with Napster or Spotify and apparently also other apps.

To the device itself: The pleasantly compact, unfussy and stylishly designed Panasonic Box is processed knotless, has a decent weight of about three kilograms and works through and through high quality. Thanks to both below as well as mounted on the left side rubber strips, the box can be placed both horizontally and vertically. True, there are no buttons, but easily embedded touch sensor applications on top. The unit draws power unfortunately only about two meters long cable. There is an additional AUX and LAN port. Unfortunately, a volume indicator does not exist, when adjustment is made a non-hourly time beep and a flashing of the diode.

The great strength of the SC-ALL3EG-K is for me clearly the great sound: The two built-in 20 watt 2-way speaker and bass reflex port at the back ensure a largely clear, distortion-free, right spatial and above all surprisingly strong and voluminous sound, even at very high volume. Here are but surprisingly more present Bass is offered. The small box is therefore always in my opinion, capable party (at least in terms of sound) and does not necessarily have to hide from larger plants.

Otherwise the box can be left but in many places to be desired. So said App-problem is to call, but also the more complicated operation. The apps also so far relate much battery power and there is no way to connect the device via Bluetooth. Ultimately I would therefore give the Panasonic device thanks very good sound good four star, due to the conditional usability for the Apps and lack Bluetooth, it is sufficient but for now only three good stars.

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January 2
A file just in case Rank: 3/5
November 2
Not very ergonomic Rank: 4/5
April 11
very good for the price 7 Rank: 5/5
May 14
Top camera, faulty software Rank: 4/5
September 27

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