Very good sound but that was it already

Very good sound but that was it already

Sony MDR-ZX750BNB Lifestyle headphones with Bluetooth and Noise Canceling (Electronics)

Customer Review

I bought these headphones, because I had no desire to unnecessary cable breaks and wanted to work undisturbed on longer train journeys. However, this does not fully meets both requirements.

Transmission of music on the headphones
The headset can be done via Bluetooth as well as using the included cable. The transmission via the included cable to function as expected without any problems. However, the Bluetooth connection can often be desired. I have the headphones coupled with both my phone (Nexus 5) as well as with my tablet and Galaxy with both devices I had reception problems. It was the phone in your pocket or tablet in your backpack. Often there was this radio interruptions that led to the interruption of music playback. A off and on both devices do not always led to success here (apart from the fact this is very annoying).

Quality audio playback
I sent mp3s and various films in various formats on the phone as on the Tablet to the headphones and was pleased positive about the sound. This is very clear. Not tinny or blunt. Some of these, however, bassy, ​​but this for me is not a problem.

Some had this written that the headphones press with extended wearing time on the ears. This I can confirm. However, this is not as unpleasant as the permanent slide down the bracket with slight head movements forward or backward. As early as about 35 ° slips the strap noticeably forward. To take things out of the backpack if it lies on the ground, thus is always a stupid situation, because the strap from sliding forward. I have different settings with the bow made but can not build enough pressure to keep the position of the pad. This restriction is not acceptable for me.

Noise suppression (Noise Cancelling)
Quite frankly, I would have expected more. With activated function of noise canceling headphones analyzed once the ambient noise and missing one of the three matching filters (high-, medium- or low-pass). If you sit in the train driving noise are very well hidden. Sitting however loud-speaking people in the area are to still quite clearly understand this. And precisely because of this oppression, I bought the headphones. In sum, however, the function is good not very good because of the noise canceling function is not active adapts. For this, a power cycle of the function on the headset is necessary. Being still does not ensure that the appropriate filter is chosen.
In addition, creating a slight pressure on the ears with active noise canceling. This is slightly uncomfortable during extended wear. I had the feeling of being permanently on the landing approach.

The headphones do not fulfill what I have expected from a Sony product. Comfort as noise-canceling are not fully suitable for everyday use and the Bluetooth capability is to improve in my view.
If the audio quality was not so convincing, I would give the product only one star.

Small and expensive Rank: 1/5
May 1
The best! 47 Rank: 5/5
June 11
Excelent smartphone 1 Rank: 5/5
February 5
Standard Mouse Wireless Rank: 3/5
January 26
Good quality 805 Rank: 4/5
October 4

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