Very good USB3.0 Docking Station WITHOUT 4K emulation!

Very good USB3.0 Docking Station WITHOUT 4K emulation!

Flat Pluggable USB 3.0 SATA HDD Docking Station (latest ASMedia ASM1053E chipset with plugs for EU and UK) (Electronics)

Customer Review


- Do not be swayed by a few reviews here. On ( the docking station is highly praised
- Easy To Use
- No 4K emulation! Reads easily internally formatted hard disks larger than 2TB!
- Feel alright, even if plastic. With continuous usage, there could be heat problems (not tested); for the docking station is also not intended.
- USB 3.0 Speed: with me for copying large data on elderly, very full HDDs in the dock about 80 MB / s, on empty old HDD 100 MB / s
- According to excellent support Pluggable
- Overall I am very satisfied.

Long version:

I was looking for a Dokcing station without 4K emulation to about to make backups on different disks. The problem is that most manufacturers do not communicate whether its docking station (or an external enclosure) use 4K emulation or not. Pluggable is an exception here! On the Lower linked site explains exactly when 4K emulation sense and when not, and which devices or firmwares with 4K emulation work and which without. Exemplary!

Background 4K emulation:
The problem with 4K emulation is that hard drives larger than 2TB not on devices with and without 4K emulation can be used alternately without being reformatted. Internal SATA ports use z. B. no emulation. If so internally formatted a hard drive over 2TB, then removed and placed in a housing with 4K emulation, the data can not be read. The message that the hard drive needs to be formatted.
More detailed information on this issue can be found on the manufacturer's side of this docking station (English): [...]

Looking for a docking station without 4K emulation is often heard that one the safest with a device drives with USB and eSATA connector, as the probability of an emulation alerts is low. First, I had bought such a device; processing was but poorly, so that another device was needed. And I came across this docking station.

Scope of supply:
In addition to the dock there is a USB3.0 connection cable, a very short English manual and power supply. The manual is quite superfluous since z. B. no drivers to install and the device just like any other USB device. When power supply, there are two connectors: one plugs Eure and even plugs for GB.

Feel / look:
The docking station is kept in black plastic. The build quality is good, there is no gap gaps UDN also the connections of the plugs are firmly seated. For the price, the plastic is perfectly okay. It hold on the bottom at the corners small rubber feet that dock stable in place. On the top you will find an on / off switch and an LED that indicates power and HDD activity.
There is no eject button! You just have to poke the hard drives, and then pull out again.
Einzeiger small gripe with the design is my opinion that the waste heat from the hard drives can be possibly removed suboptimal because the plates with the bottom resting. This docking station so you should not use an extension of the internal hard disk bays, but just when needed (at z. B. regular backups).

Behavior with Disk / speed:
I've tested the dock with three Festpaltten:
- Seagate 7200.11 750GB Baraccuda (about 4-5 years old, I guess, 7200 rpm)
- Western Digital Caviar Green 1.5TB (about 3 years old I guess, 5400 rpm)
- Seagate Desktop HDD ST4000DM000 4TB (two weeks old, 5900 rpm)

All plates (incl. The normally used internally 4TB disk!) Are easily recognized! Simply tuck panel, press the on / off switch, done. When casting, as with any other USB device taskbar Safely Remove Hardware utility.

The speed has been tested only in the two smaller plates. Several GB smaller mp3s and larger files are copied here (z. B. ISOs). Have been achieved while at the mp3s about 50 MB / s and at the big files about 80 MB / s.
It should be noted here that the two plates were already full up and therefore the write speed may be lower than with emptier plates.

UPDATE: (completely empty =) When copying large files with a total of about 500GB to the 750GB Seagate HDD was formatted the rate initially about 100 MB / s, and then decreased slowly and steadily to about 70 MB / s.

For comparison: Over eSATA at another Seagate 1.5TB 7200RPM disk (also about 3 years old), I reached about 100 MB / s. So I think the speed is fine and full USB 3.0 speed is available.
In the absence of a free SSD I can not test the maximum speed. My tests suggest, however, that my HDDs slow and not dock.

Pluggable has sent an email prior to my delivery to me, stood in at report problems I should report myself etc. Such a thing is after my experience relatively rare. Also on the Support of Plugable is highly praised!

I hope this review helps others looking for a docking station without 4K emulation.

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