Very powerful hand vacuum cleaner with a weak Accu technology

Very powerful hand vacuum cleaner with a weak Accu technology

Dyson v6 Absolute Handstaubsauger with suction levels 2, 350 W, 20 min duration at 28 W, 6 minutes at 100 W, electric direct drive brush, parquet, post-motor, Digital Motor (household goods)

Customer Review

First, I had to "make smart" me what and who is -Dyson-. Surely you heard, but quickly repressed in prices.
Granted I am very pleased with the company's history, development and the undoubtedly very high engineering skills in the sector of Zyklonen- technology vacuum cleaners (-> Pat Dyson)

Now to my actual review:
Delivered the Dyson v6 Absolute Handstaubsauger in a sleek manageable carton. Just manageable but the complete sucker is also yourself! For the first operation, it does not necessarily require the above-average manual. The review unit came already with a basic charge at the full-charging (indicated by Power LED) lasted scarce 30 minutes.
The first test was carried out as a car vacuum cleaner. Yes, my Variant it really had again urgently needed! Right here I had always absolute performance and ergonomic handling always missing at Accu-hand suckers.
The second test then in the household, tiles / laminate / Shaggy / deep pile velor.
However, the nipple after 3/4 Auto extortion was Accu-moderately flat and had scarce 3 hrs. To be fully recharged. For the last quarter car already submitted Reloading 15 min.

These are my pros and cons of the Dyson Absolute v6:

+ Exceptional sleek design, extraordinary for me for a hand vacuum cleaner
+ Very fine materials, processing perfectly uniform gaps, no projections, etc. (in this Test Model absolutely flawlessly crafted, painted intake manifold. No arrival scratching with screwdriver possible not superficial scrapes etc.)
+ Unusually bold color scheme, suction tube in matt Cindy from M.- Pink, plastic
in gray-melange, cyclone head in brilliant silver
+ "Handpiece" motor unit reminds me personally of a Farblackiergerät / larger hairdryer
+ A super ergonomic lightweight of only 2kg
+ Motor unit used separately with respective mounts, floor jets
+ Wall Mount with parking for joints - and upholstery
+ Two very strong levels, even in normal mode very high suction power with crevice in the car (seat track niches, inaccessible areas)
+ Very effective in chamois eyes, seen by level of dust container
+ Absolutely exemplary manual in "large print" and additionally large colored pictograms
+ Very secure sidings state function of the nipple through integrated Accu
+ Very quiet operation (here reminds me of a hairdryer)
+ Very good Randabsaugung both the parquet as well as with the electric brush
+ Hardly any differences / losses in Saugqualität opposite a large reference Bodenstaubsauger visible
+ Very flexible nozzle mechanics, angle / tilt / etc.
+ Pick-up / Bring-in service for repairs
+ Customer service in D, Quick Service
+ Normal mode for most of the requirements already sufficient

+ - Exceptionally high price (without rating!)

- Permanently installed Accu, no exchange-Accu Technology
- Very limited Accu runtime (max 6 min Power mode, max 14 min for operation with electric brush, max 20 min for operation with Parquet......
- Very long Accu recharging time of max. 3:45 hrs.
- Relatively high price of replacement Accu = 59.90
- In my view, according to my research Fix Prize at Dyson, thus no lower VK wherever expected. Competition brake, fixed price specified by manufacturer
- Despite a very high VK no replacement filters -Accu supplied
- Just 2 years warranty (pool cleaner at Dyson have 5 years?) With a premium model of the premium class because more should be in there!
- Absolutely irritating passage in the operating instructions: This appliance is equipped with carbon fibers. Contact with these may cause the skin irritation. Wash your hands after direct contact with carbon fibers. (Original manual page 35, paragraph 2, DE / AT / CH)

In addition I have the producers written as a comprehensible relationship to the product is missing: Which component carbon fibers are installed, after which contact with what component handwashing is recommended? Are there any other health recommendations, precautions, limitations.
In a hopefully timely response of the manufacturer I will set an update.

My conclusion:
An absolutely powerful upright vacuum cleaner with perfect ergonomics, applications. By far I had been in the test, and have come to know. A real highlight consummate valent engineering! Unfortunately, in my view, urgent action in the Accu-built technology. Either a more powerful Accu should be installed (height more depth, thus a little more weight with even higher stability) or a complete swivel proven Accu-exchange technique. Because the price is "on top", the customer can also expect a premium warranty = 5 years as with the other suckers.

Well, 450 for an Accu-hand vacuum cleaner if you is it worth considering the described weaknesses must decide for yourself. For a potential Ferrari buyers, this problem / question is not yes. That's why I let the price expressly outside!
Trotzalledem: an absolutely brilliant vacuum cleaner with Pure Power! More is not possible !
1 star I draw from because of for improvement Accu technology and lack of 5-year warranty.

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