Watchdogs ... a game with an edge.

Watchdogs ... a game with an edge.

Watchdogs - [Xbox 360] (Video Game)

Customer Review


I have watchdogs bought at retail and get a special edition for 59,00, which was before the first plus. Then I opened and found the game that the Xbox 360 version has 2 CD's, one to install and to play, while playing so no need to change the CD.
In the first mission the player will be explained how it all works, how to operate Chops and how the control, after the first mission you knew everything there is to know and hacking can start immediately, every passer in Watchdogs has its own history and a own life, if you go to passers by is displayed how much their annual income is where you and so works, then you can an interesting person raussuchen and then hacking the phone eg calls, thereby you can also uncover crimes, when you get this even prevented there are points and you can with "skill" points to buy new skills, for example, that you can boot bollard from the streets to hang from the police or you can Bridges Minicipality high and descent.
The story is definitely well done, but they do not travel my socks off.


Among the negative things such as one vehicle control, it is very reminiscent of Need For Speed ​​and a little difficult to use, but after a little practice it works reasonably.
What I find not so great are the radio towers in the game, there are 13, I think, distributed in the whole city, this one has to chop it with new weapons unlock or new areas (As with Far Cry 3) and that's pretty annoying in the long run.


The graph I find really nice, but not perfect, but it's fun to play the game.

To GTA5-- --Vergleich

Watchdogs VS GTA5 ... I personally find GTA 5 still better than watchdogs, Rockstar Games GTA respects at the share always the little things and the details, but I would recommend to anyone player GTA watchdogs.

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