Watchdogs game

Watchdogs game

Watchdogs - Bonus Edition - [PlayStation 4] (Video Game)

Customer Review

Hello Hello,

This game is just great ... Reminds me bit of GTA and earlier Driver. Exciting action is guaranteed. The driving style and racing is very simple. Where it gets a little difficult for me that's etc with the locating of mobile phones, but the game is great, makes quite addictive. What I also totally great find is that the games on the PS4 generally finally are out Deusch so with German. What I do not find so great is that can not buy normal things the character, like clothes and stuff. Also, the figures can not sit in the cafe, but must be if who bought something, I find no good, just as in GTA ..

I summarize:
The graphics of the game
Finally it is with the games sometimes in German language
Gripping stories that are sometimes really interesting
The procedure is as in Mafia 2 (PlayStation 3)
Locating the phone is sometimes really funny
And the city is also very well constructed

Not so good
Sometimes I have difficulty with locating
If you buy something like the snack (GTA similar) you can not sit down
It's a shame that you can not talk with passers !!!!

But the game is recommended :) class game !!!!

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April 30
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April 24
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October 3
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January 1
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January 18

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