Well worth buying without question!  Given long-term gameplay absolutely

Well worth buying without question! Given long-term gameplay absolutely

Moto GP 14 (video game)

Customer Review

Servus fan base,

I hereby would like to write a do it again detailed possible recession this game.
Short a few preliminary details: I have been following the MotoGP himself occasionally have a respectable knowledge background.
It is my second MotoGP after the last offshoot of the PS3 version.

In most cases, the first branch of a new generation do not have many new features and are also graphically not the measure of all things. Also the gameplay here is often nohch much room for improvement. Therefore, I would like to address a few things.

1. The menu: is very clean detailed and easy to understand. But the PS4 also has here certainly massive room for improvement Raised

2. The modes of play: are very plentiful both online and offline. Grand Prix career mode Mouds (One has to be a wild card driver by the Moto GP class work) and time trials as well as special challenges given.
Therefore, given very clear to me long-term game fun

3. The graphic: Clean and solid but still clearly not Next Gen Pur. Since some safe going in the next few years more. But definitely not a criticism. Everything is very clean and ACCURAT dargeestellt the colors come across strongly. Only the details of the bikes and the bike suits might be better in some scenes.,
The camera views are variably selectable from behind from above or even cockpit view. Appears very very authentic. I like it.

4. Control: This is really very demanding. That is why there is also a tutorial which I would highly recommend especially newcomers. However, I must say that one very many settings has what driving aids etc are concerned. So then was also my best mate has something never played before but to fight for 3rd place etc. One can very well adapt to his driving skills.

Gameplay: For me, the deciding factor in a racing game. And here I have to say that convinces me completely.
It is very real, it is well done as the bikes dancing during braking and acceleration.
Reality content is very high! Also you can feel clearly the differences in performance of different bikes and classes makes absolutely fun. Also you can adjust his driver various control strategies to find the best balance for themselves. The settings of the bikes are great. You can make these yourself or use really detailed feedback from Renningeneur and give him. Also, the bike must be further developed during the World Cup data collected etc.

The license model: Absolutely extensively! All original tracks and racers are. Bikes original equipment only.
So really great implemented. There is also much to unlock bonus. Driver and garments and also photos MotoGP big moments.

So if you ever want to fight against Stefan Bradl vollte or The Doctor Valentino Rossi wants to really stand up to the high quality is the right place.

Opponents AI: Here I can not agree with some previous speakers. I have extremely extensive experience in all areas of Gran Turismo Forca DTM Race Driver Grid Toca on PS1 Need for Speed ​​all generation etc.
And I must say I find the AI ​​Super. It responds clever shuts the door is at the right moment out of the slipstream is attacked hard but also back if you notice the gap is not enough .... etc!
Here I see the addictive and fun level to the absolute maximum !!!!!!

Sound / commentators: The soundscape is the star trigger for me. This is most solid here is considerably more.
Even the commentator is original and gives insightful commentator, however, only ever a few before the race.
The TV Feeling in exciting duels missing unfortunately completely here.

Conclusion: For me, a great thought-out game. Therefore, it is the sometimes high price absolutely worth it.
Had bought it at Saturn for 64,99.
Only the absolute Next Gen benefits will have to wait 1-2 years to be

Super retrofit FSE Rank: 5/5
June 30
cufflinks Rank: 5/5
May 7
not solid 9 Rank: 2/5
November 21
Superb Senseo Rank: 5/5
September 10

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