Well you can, but gaga even better ...

Well you can, but gaga even better ...

The Fame Monster (Deluxe Edt.) (Audio CD)

Customer Review

Lady Gaga is back with their statements according to their own second album and sets new standards:

1. A new album with only 8 songs ... I think that yes 13 songs on an album already little, but to pack only 8 songs on it's almost ne insolence.
2. Fans are "forced" the fame still time to buy this and that with an album that most likely already have at home -. Abzocke

When Lady Gaga would describe it as ReRelease, then I would not criticize anything, but she has repeatedly said that it is an independent album in "Monster". Allegedly monster you can but as US import also order alone, otherwise you can be the songs that also buy a fallen but electronically. But now to the actual content:

1. Bad Romance: The first single. The beat is insanely demanding and contagious, but I think the song sounds too much like to Pokerface 2.0. Attractive, well that Gaga her style remains true, but the Ähnlickeiten in my opinion are too large. But nevertheless is already a hit, the majority of people seem to like the song and the video is really well done. What I find, however bad that Gaga is seems to be getting thinner, I was really shocked when I saw her spine bones - with the now not heard here fro ... 3 of 5 stars

2. Alejandro: My personal favorite song from Monster. Gaga sings in the chorus with an accent. The beat is also something else. 4 of 5 stars

3. Monster: Typical Gaga song, but unfortunately still only average in my opinion. As "The Fame" was released was her style just still new and fresh, but somehow it seems to me all she does now seem to have been there. 3 of 5 stars

4. Speechless: Oh god, that's not ... 1 of 5 stars

5. Dance in the Dark: Boring up-tempo song, also already bugging me their language: "Baby, I'm a free bitch ..." 2 of 5 stars

6. Telephone: finally have a little highlight on Monster. Thankfully the 2nd single release. Here agrees again all the beat, the song and even the "Rap-Part" of Beyonce is really good. 4 of 5 stars

7. So happy I could to: Nice mid-tempo song, I like the text quite like and also find him not as bad as some other rezesenten here. 3 of 5 stars

8. Teeth: I do not know what they thought the song ... although I respect that here something daring as an artist, but I'm too much in the direction of Christina Aguilera's "Back to Basics" album - the Beat's full of 50ies-waste. 1 of 5 stars

As Anspieltipps I can recommend Alejandro u Telephone u with small drawbacks still Bad Romance and So Happy I Could Die. Unfortunately the rest of the album tells me not to, but Gaga is still have good sales, their fans would buy everything I think of her.

The problem that I see her: She stays with most songs their old style faithful. The problem with it is the fact that this style is grants so popular that everyone else "used" him. And how, for example, to the Sugababes looks (Get Sexy, About a Girl, Thank you for the heartbreak) in some cases even better than Gaga herself. She must try to progress, but the attempts to Monster (TEETH) in my opinion are unfortunately totally in the trousers gone.

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