What is true is what hurts

What is true is what hurts

Everything Burns (Audio CD)

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Relevance when it comes to music, a deceptive, if not unsuitable criterion for what should it be measured? If relevant, who tops the sales charts? Who is loaded into talks and discussed on fluffy cushions High spirits? Or better yet, who cries out from the very bottom? From the left? Or even right? Relevant, real, authentic very difficult thing. Only recently has had to Noel Gallagher, a veteran of Britpop, the accusation of high treason can, because he so nothing more in common with the proletarian rank and file. So no more real? Even the HipHop traditionally comes from the social underclass, at least he had there his starting point and he that wanted to assert that hyped Moneymaker as Jay-Z, Kanye West or Eminem still credibly restore this historical reference, could live so? Certainly a problem of three named, but are they any less relevant? And if it is true that just in hip-hop (ergo also German rap) most reason this is because they want to escape the dreariness and hopelessness because the very bottom what exactly does that mean for Moved Masculine?

For the future might not be good. Let us agree on the notion that the future for the moment does not matter (which in both senses sounds a little bitter), we agree to continue the sentence: Truth is what hurts. Then namely Testo 104 and Grim are very real. Two bands on the Moved masculine also refer lyrically is managed in its early days of note: The Fehlfarben have with monarchy and everyday life as well as Ton Steine ​​shards and why I feel so dirty? Delivered debut albums, the hurt, uncomfortable, were edgy and perhaps the guess not so wrong that ZM burns with all the work of similar quality has been successful. Brett Harte, gray cold decay music is what as sounds from the weathered joints of prefabricated buildings, not pretty, not reassuring, nothing bringing visitors could attract. From the Arctic Circle sounds a Sirenenstimmchen Your Time !, alone alone, but more colorful it is not. ZM sound like a hochgepitchter, terrifying nightmare, an outcry of those who are always in the way.

Brand words spat. Dronige synths banging on about resounding voices, the scum, the Keller kids stare wide-eyed into the void and make sense of it. Cool do not want to be truthful but already. As the world shrinks suddenly a small, sad, dirty backdrop, Kreuzberg is the beach (shipwreck), Lampedusa at Oranienplatz and the black, red and gold party flag flutters as a bad joke in the wind: If not exactly a tournament, you're not welcome to make friends! No Lullaby, most anesthetic I suck you and you suck me out, I'll break what broke makes me myself (Grey White Smoke), Autoagression as the only way to feel themselves not new, but therefore not less painful. World Of Warcraft, the battle for the Crimea, at last war! I sleep out until 13:00 clock. Hurrah! The school is on fire! Yüah, I do not need a high school diploma. False gods, false hopes, eroded life and Moved Masculine make the soundtrack. Kraftklub in evil, more now can not. Listen. Watch. Urgent. mapambulo: blog

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