When a protective film, then this!

When a protective film, then this!

dipos Amazon fire phone protector (2 pieces) - Anti-reflective Premium foil matt (Wireless Phone Accessory)

Customer Review

If you want to make the effort to install a protective film on its fire phone should opt for this in my opinion. I have tried various provider for my equipment. However, it will work with this film still best. If you can time it should work in the end. I always go following these steps:

. 1
Microfibre cloth, glass cleaner unit and provide a debit card.
. 2
Good Lichverhältnisse.
. 3
Much, much peace.
. 4
Clean the display with glass cleaner well. If you still find dust particles on the screen, easily blow away. The (permanent) blisters usually arise only when are under the film or on the display dust grains.
. 5
Place the foil and removed easily. You then can already see where find specks of dust. With the top of the debit card I remove them immediately. Caution: Do not panic! Here it gets tricky.
. 6
If the film on the display is with the debit card to the I prefer the microfibre cloth strikeouts slowly to the outsides.
. 7
It nevertheless sees bubbles, you can see the film in the appropriate place dishwasher again lift slightly. For this I take a piece of scotch tape and lift up to the film.

As I said, with this film, it works very well; with other providers it works unfortunately less successful. Also, since the films, the procedure of the re-removal of the film, ie. Not survive corrections.

Have Fun!

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