Where did the good old NfS times?

Where did the good old NfS times?

Need For Speed ​​Rivals - [PlayStation 4] (Video Game)

Customer Review

NFS Rivals is my opinion about anything whole and mash! What's that for a game that EA? A pinch of Burnout, a pinch of Most Wanted and durchgequirlt with a portion of GTA? Because that's Rivals become undoubtedly, a game that does not really satisfy, neither racing nor Crime- still OpenWorld fans. Particularly for the latter group, the map is simply turned out too small, so that repeat Undoubtedly beautiful landscape sections simply too often. In addition, there are only 2 perspectives: 3rd person (car from behind) and bumper view just above the asphalt. However, I prefer the hood view little bit higher - not available. So you drive an inveterate "Ego Driver" because with the bumper perspective - and recognize at a fast pace often traffic and junctions simply too late. Then also still echoing constantly cheaper Hip Hop from the speakers.

Where did the good old NfS times? Why not you just go back to basics, when it was still manageable stage wins and Rundstrecken was that made more and more fun, the more you had retracted itself? These then finest Electro or Rock Sound, a handful of unlockable luxury cars with tuning option and because of me again like a car showcase. Possibly You could even drill out the graph properly, if you throw the OpenWorld principle back in the bin, and I also would like to have a true 1080p resolution, because what Rivals natively renders on the PS4 is certainly not Full HD - had it I now keep an eye because you can tell me a what he wants!
Conclusion: Unfortunately, the number has too much away from its roots, whether as probably the most modern online gaming is responsible for? I'm afraid so! If the series is not back to the way earlier, merely natural with the most modern, photo-realistic graphics as possible, that was certainly my last NfS Game. I want to please not OpenWorld Raser more, EA!

Goods delivers what was promised Rank: 5/5
February 27
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April 27
Small but ohooo Rank: 5/5
October 30
Great Tolino Case Rank: 5/5
July 3
That the 2. Ordered Rank: 5/5
March 19

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