Whether it ion or does not need ......

Whether it ion or does not need ......

Braun Satin Hair 7 HD 780 hairdryer (Professional SensoDryer with AC motor) (Health and Beauty)

Customer Review

I can not assess at the site is 100%, but the fact is, even without ion, it provides us with a much-better result than the old hairdryer with Ion technology.

Due to the acquisition: The old man had a broken gear knob because of a fall.

Bought he was not here, but in a well-known e-market.

Here I can currently only a comparison betw. The Brown Future Pro 2000 and the Satin Hair 7 HD780 give the best. The Future 2000 pro in size compared a "little" monsters. The 780er acts against also because of its design "graceful". The HD780 feels anyway, also because of the slightly increased weight, and because of better material selection often valent to.

Look and feel go clear to the HD780.

Ease of use:

The Future Pro 2000 had 2 sliders which you had (power / temperature) a button for cold air, hold, and for ionizing a slide switch for activation. The operation was, I would say standard. It worked, albeit always was some play with the buttons and controls.

The HD 780 uses a different approach here. Rubberized Micro switch for hot / cold, which one does not have to hold down and temperature control +/-, a plastic selector for the power stage. We find that a lot more comfortable and higher quality. Whether it is durable? No idea is to show up. Cold air is indicated by blue LEDs, the temperature levels via red LEDs.

Some complain about the cable length. Hmm, the cable is almost as long as the same. We stand before the mirror while blow-drying. There we have 3 outlets in the vicinity. The length ranges from us at least completely.

The HD780 is due to its increased weight richer in hand. Should it on the handle in the long run be too heavy (was not previously the case), you can take him safely on the front of the air outlet (not die) in the hand. He does not get hot there. We think it's great. That was not possible with the Future Pro 2000.

The power and volume

Basically he does, for what it was made! Blow-drying. However, in a quarter of the time required previously.
He is better adjustable to the temperature here, or the settings affect "felt" more accurately / targeted from. Cold air is really cold air, not only low temperature heat.

What, so we think, could be the main reason, "optimized flow nipple". Comparing old / new hair dryer, is immediately apparent that one of the old a much broader flow channel can feel the head and a large part of the air stream at the head / hair left and right without effect passes by and this only room air circulates.

Not so with the HD780. You can feel how the draft includes the head, the hair, like a lazy river.

My girlfriend has long hair, however, somewhat stubborn to their sorrow.
Well, the old hair dryer hair was usually statically charged. Often it was also dry, etc ... and that, although a hairdryer was used with ion technology. (Perhaps this feature was also defective) --wer can tell already, we can not really measure it.

Is known to have the HD780 no ion function. But when you Fonte with the HD780, the hair lay on beautiful, were smooth and soft. No charge. What is worth mentioning: in half of the time, as the same.

Our son, 12 months, with the old hair dryer: I had to dry long blow-drying the hair (he was impatient) and it seemed that very tousled.

With the HD780, and dry again in half the time. The hair is silky smooth and it shines right. It's just a hammer earnings.


The new one is "felt" louder. The frequency, however, is much more pleasant and thus acts again quieter. Our son has no longer afraid of the hair dryer. It can be easy to blow dry the hair ...

In the Summer, one can say: The new one is worth the money (under 50, -) and it's fun to blow dry up. Results are simply good and without blemish. Therefore 5 stars.

He is indeed applied with temperature measurement and a great motor, etc. ... You know, I can not measure this, check, etc .... So I do not really care. The result is important.

And, by the way ... I think somehow still not to negatively / positively charged particles, called ions .... at least not at the hair dryer ...... Sometimes yes also acts dextrose for headaches, they say ... ,

Many Greetings

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