Wholeheartedly excited

Wholeheartedly excited

Deluxe G point silicone vibrator for you, with 30 programs (Health and Beauty)

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With the stuff of Lumunu I've had a good experience and so I try and every now and then like something new. Finally, it should not be boring and variety is popular in the bedroom. So I also have various vibrators at home and one of them is the Deluxe G point silicone vibrator.

=== The Deluxe G point silicone vibrator for you, with 30 programs ===

I was of course immediately addressed the color of the vibrator, since the vibrator is in a chic green. Green is my favorite color and a green vibrator I had not yet. The piece has a length of 18.5 cm and a diameter of 1.9 cm - 3.0 cm cm. Weighing 90 grams, he is doing, so a lightweight.

Like all things of Lumunu comes this vibrator in a smart, white cardboard on which also well suited as a gift pack. Included is also a lubricant sample and a chic, black velvet pouch where you can stow the vibrator in it.

As described above, the vibrator is in a bright green and white on the handle. The handle also contains the two operating buttons that light up in pink, if you put the batteries into it. That still has something. Firstly, here you have the power button and the other is about to click through the levels of vibration. Below the handle there is also the subject of the batteries. There are two AAA batteries into it and lie in the scope of supply. Simply unscrew the lower part, insert batteries and reclose finished.

The vibrator is made of 100% skin-friendly medical grade silicone, which can be seen and felt very good. It is velvety soft and injuries are entirely excluded. He is also waterproof, so you can also in times Easy to take in the bathtub. When you turn it begins immediately to vibrate and not even that bad. The 30 different vibration modes have it in them and prepare each woman a violent climax. The individual vibrations also differ significantly from one another, and everyone will find the right thing for themselves.

Time one has a gentle vibration (although the first stage of vibration forth quite strong), sometimes jerky impulses, a knock or times it sounds like a car engine when you are repeatedly gas. The vibrator is also good in the hand and can be even with one hand very good use and you get to adjust without problems on the buttons to the stage.

It can also be easily inserted, even without Gleigel, and the material feels very soft and supple and adapts well in a matter of seconds the body temperature. With Gleigel slides the whole course, a lot better, and I think it's still enjoyable. In any case, one must not be afraid, even if things get hot to hurt. The material is really super soft and very pleasant.

When using the vibrator, the hum still be heard, but I do not find it now very loud and certainly not disturbing. It does not distract and even the neighbors do not know what we're up to. It's also nice that the vibrator is fully waterproof and can thus also have some fun in the bath or shower with.

Of course, this vibrator is cleaned after use. Simply warm water and a mild shower gel or shampoo and already he is again clean and ready for the next time. It can also be easily keep completely under water as it is waterproof. Even the battery compartment penetrates not a drop of water.

=== === My conclusion

I am passionate about my little green vibrator. It is velvety, gives a great feel on the skin, is very good in the hand, is easy to operate and wife both the man have a lot of fun with it. From me, there are five star.

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January 7
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