With appropriate coupling can also be used with older models.  Peeling effect Show Average.

With appropriate coupling can also be used with older models. Peeling effect Show Average.

Braun Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa exfoliating brush refill (Personal Care)

Customer Review

I purchased this brush in combination with a coupling (also here at Amazon) and thus they fit then also to my model, the Braun Silk-épil 7 7891st Total cost me just under the 30 euros. Expensive, but a lot cheaper than buying a new model!
I have of course previously read the reviews and hoped for a maybe even better effect of the peels with the brush, as with, for example, an exfoliating glove. After repeated use, I am unfortunately quite disappointed with the exfoliating action. The brush is not very hard. Thus, I use them under a shower with additional exfoliating products. But I believe that you can achieve the same effect with exfoliating sponges. Nevertheless, I will continue to use it because you "forced" by the realtiv small brush head to very thorough and long exfoliate. Thus I have the feeling that total intensively exfoliate, as just with my Loofa glove, in which I once peeled the entire body within minutes. It "focuses" almost more on the process of exfoliation. Thus, my conclusion is: not better than, say, an exfoliating glove, but no worse!

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