Works perfectly with SONY DSC-RX10 to connect via USB connection, Time Lapse and super macro shoot

Works perfectly with SONY DSC-RX10 to connect via USB connection, Time Lapse and super macro shoot

Timer Intervalometer remote cable shutter release remote cable release trigger for SONY Alpha A7R, A7, A6000, A3000, SLT-A58, NEX-3NL, DSC-HX300, DSC RX100M3, DSC RX100M2, DSC RX100III, DSC RX100II Cameras (Electronics)

Customer Review

Works perfectly with SONY DSC-RX10, instructions in English and Chinese, but the setting is not an issue.
The camera in the USB settings to provide mass storage. (Thanks for the tip, Mr.. Fries)
Plugging in the USB cable and it comes immediately, without notification of the camera. To operate 2 AAA batteries are required, these are not included. Delivery from UK, trotzden in just two days since.

When you press the shutter release button makes the camera picture. The shutter button has two positions.
When pressed halfway, the camera focuses, the second it triggers.
If you trigger the button up towards HOLD pushes,
snaps this.
Helpful for manual long time exposures (bulb).
Then the stopwatch timer count is up ended up recording.

With SET you start programming and closes it afterwards also again.
Use the cursor keys up / down to change the values. (Hours, minutes, seconds, number of shots, signal output)
One works from left to right (with the arrow keys) through the five menu items.

With TIMER / START / STOP to start the completed program and completed it again.
The LOCK / LIGHT button has a backlit display for 5 seconds,
Use the cursor keys, you can extend this period to date always by 5 seconds.
To prevent a change of attitude, one the LOCK / LIGHT button pressed a little longer and you will see a L in the display, are locked all the buttons except for the shutter button, and of course the LOCK / LIGHT button.

It flashes the first bar the menu item DELAY. (After the set time begins the first shot)
You can set up and define you as the camera: take pictures only in one hour, or any other time. (A countdown, so to speak)

The next point is LONG, is equal to the exposure time.
Important in BULB. The long exposure manually to adjust the camera in manual mode, at some point after the longest exposure, so most about 30 seconds, then is BULB. That is, as long as you press the shutter button the shutter stays open and the sensor is exposed. One can imitate the LONG setting the remote control.
If you do not operate the camera to Manual (exposure BULB), but in automatic mode, then leave this value be set to 0.

The next point is INTVL, the interval between shots.
It should be noted the need to give sufficient time for exposure and storing your camera.
If the LONG setting is 5 seconds, which should of course INTVL longer (at least 6 seconds), the camera must be exposed and so save before the next shot.
That you have but try with your camera, depending on the camera,
Memory Card and File Size (JPEG / RAW, quality settings) takes the maintenance of different lengths.
TIP: Just 2-3 seconds more should suffice for each camera.

Menu item N is the number of shooting the images that you can pretend you.
From 1 399, as well as an infinite number of pictures are possible, then must the display - stand.

Finally, the clef. Here you can the sound output of the trigger suppress the beeping.

If you now the TIMER / START / STOP button is pressed the trigger begins to work and your shots land on the memory card.
If you want to stop the program manually, simply press the button again.

Have fun creating Time Lapses or macros to the trigger.

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