Xtrend ET9500 - Actually a very good receiver with hardware related faults and thus limited lifetime

Xtrend ET9500 - Actually a very good receiver with hardware related faults and thus limited lifetime

Xtrend ET-9500 HDTV Satellite Hybrid Receiver (HDMI, PVR-Ready, twin tuner, 2x SCART, 3x USB) (Electronics)

Customer Review

Each of the pay-TV is a customer, and wants to decide for himself what equipment he has to stand in its cultivation wall will not come in the near future for better or worse on a Linux Receiver past. For me, the most important criterion, the image quality in HD is above all in SD, and there is probably a Xtrend box at the time with the best of what is available on the market. In addition also the wide range of software and different images, so that the choice of torment fall really hard. Whoever buys a Linux box, you should already know what he is getting into. I first 6 days for the setting up and testing the software needed before I have decided to swap from my old box. But does not mean that the the "end of the story is." It comes every day new software out, and of course you want to have and test. Beneficial when setting up it is, if you have several satellite connections and a small TV in the living room yet, so you can operate in parallel and the woman undisturbed can watch TV.

Now time to the receiver.

Supplied by Amazon, as always (ordered weekend, Tuesday delivered) reliable and fast.
After the box for an hour I can temper it came to unpacking. Included with the Box, FB, if someone has only one satellite terminal with batteries R03, HDD power cable, HDMI cable and a loop-through cable.
Now it was exciting. Box connected to the grid, all the cables off TV a, a box. Since it was already in the display, ET9x00. After about 10 minutes the still stood there, however, and the time was too long for me and I have the box made deenergised, wait few seconds and turned back on. The same game I made about 5 times, then it was clear the box was probably delivered only with a bootloader. Hello, nor are you? Requires Xtrend that the buyer can familiar with flash image and do the rest myself? I afterwards learned that other buyers were affected. That's impossible, right?

For specifications, I will not tell you, because there is plenty to find on the Internet.
What I like is the external design, not much visible frills, VFD display easy to read, I like better than any full-area LCD displays, which look at the TV distracted also bare. All necessary connections are provided as HDMI, USB, even 2 x Scart, network, video, audio, etc, 2 card slots and 2 CI slots.
Built-I have a 3TB WD (WD30EUER-63S), which should be previously initialized but because the receiver due to the size they would otherwise not fully recognize. I think up to 2 TB, there is no problem. I just connected to my Mac and initialized and in the box it was then assumed without problems 3TB.
Images I've tried several, something for every taste at. Of course, for the full use of a network connection requirement. The service is great, as is the speed of zapping, whether FTA or pay TV. So all the effect chick.

I also have a couple of times measurements carried out in relation to the power consumption of the ET9500, because it is interesting, what costs you have to expect, but this applies to any Linux receiver.
Mains voltage 235.6 V

Sleep 3.63 W
Standby without HDD 18.9 W
Standby with HDD 20.8 W
Boot about 25.2 W
Operating SD picture 25.2 W
Operating HD picture 25.9 W

If my meter has (the current primary measured with multimeter) measured correctly, the power consumption (0.28 / 1 KWh) is about 62, - per year. Is ok I think.

Now time to the negative things for me.
Who installs a hard drive in the receiver, must unscrew the device. Since I am Elekroniker, I look at basically all the hardware I buy strictly on. The first thing I noticed the power supply during the test run. (Do not imitate because of the high voltage of 235 V!) In operation I once abgetatstet the heatsink of the power supply and the capacitors. Phew, some capacitors are pretty warmed up with. But what's that! On the secondary side, 2 heatsinks are no component on which a heatsink sit 2 rectifier at the corners just so on. And which are really hot. The layout design must come from an apprentice, absolutely amateurish. Something cheap, I have not had in his hands. The power supply is definitely not a long lifetime have without proper cooling.

Cooling, yes, that is also such a thing.
It is located under the hard drive, a fan, which indeed is good. Heat rises known upwards. One should not blow into the air in a device, but pull out, which is also the case here also. The trouble is, the air is pulled downward under the box and heats the entire underbody and what is under it. This is really hot and of course including transfers back into the box. So an efficient ... so, without words. Who came up with such a thing.

Why limited lifespan. The box has a kind of clone protection, which is to prevent the box from being copied. This is done with a Securiti board, which is installed with and is powered by a 3V battery. This battery is empty but at some point, can take a long time, maybe 6-10 years, but can also happen after the warranty in case of poor quality. Then the box no longer works, because no software can be loaded. Either you then send a, material about 65, - Euro plus tax (hearsay), or you schmeist them away. For me, an intentional breaking point! Does it happen definitely, you should know that. A battery replacement is only possible under tension and in the ET9500 has to be soldered.

Why do I keep the box anyway and why 2 stars?

For me it will be only a temporary solution and not a box that I'll keep as my old (Topfield) 10 years. But for the reasons mentioned above, I have no choice but to first change, also because of DVB-S2. From optical ago blameless, operation, stability, image quality all great. Also the price is reasonable, other boxes that can not cost more up twice. That's the reason why I'll keep this FAQ.
1 star deduction for the truly failed and undersized power supply.
The 2 star deduction is for the limited service life from the battery it. Everyone can understand the way he wants, for me, this is an intentional breaking point, make unfortunately many manufacturers.
The 3 star deduction is it that the box does not come with image, so do not work as delivered.

This review is from my personal impressions and also from my previous experience in the field of Elekronik. That is certainly my only box of Xtrend be until I find an equivalent of another company without breaking point.

I can recommend the box only to all those who are going anyway, aufzuspielen another software, and also does not shy away from tolls. after the warranty period to take time a soldering iron in his hand. All others I would not suggest.
The new model ET10000 is unfortunately also provided with a battery, otherwise I would have decided to go for it.

Update 28.02.2014
The Xtrend is now mid while about 3 weeks in operation and I want to give my previous impressions you.
Image quality, just great. The sharpness and the representation in SD is even better than I expected, provided the correct settings. But have to say that my playback source a HD Ready 37 "Plasma is also. SD in Full HD makes in my opinion at the moment little sense, since loss of sharpness and artifacts are the result of the extrapolation in Full HD. There are TV Devices that relatively good job, but magic that can not. As I said, I'm talking about the extrapolation of SD 544 × 576 on HD 1920 x 1080. These projections have pixel information is "added" to the image fill, and this ensures that the quality to. The new 4K TV sets will be worse. But that's another topic dissolute.
Stability, very good. I drive the box when switching off only in standby since I program much shots. Program timer also works tadelos and reliable.
With pay-TV can record multiple programs, yet everything is decrypted with no dropouts.
On the remote control, the box responds well and reliably. The only thing that bothers me, you can hear the click when pressing the keys. If it's quiet in the room, it bothers a little, especially if you are doing a lot of zapping.
The software images are mature and run well. If you're experimenting too much, it may happen that sometimes what "Shoot", however. But can min in about 5 am resolved with a USB flash drive update quickly, which I recommend to everyone. So that makes Eperimentieren while the woman still asleep more fun.

Update 10/03/2014
So, while mid is the box now already longer in use, so I would like to briefly share my other experiences.
Of course not's has on the image quality is changed, just great.
As software I use to be the OpenPLi 4 February, had so few problems, but also make any updates, because I then often had problems in the operation, timer recordings and occasional crashes. Latest versions I have not tried it yet.
Now to the actual problem.
The internal card reader as so often criticized by other users, are no longer in use with me. I use again the AlphaCrypt Light, so I can still see the couple of months, what my contract expires, PayTV.
Quite simply, the cards read run few days, then decrypt it simply no longer. You have to drive the receiver completely down, restart it, then it goes some days. In 9200 other card readers are installed, they work well properly. Sure I could use the box to send in because of this lack, but because my contract expires soon, and I have no more need for it, I let it.
So who sets specific to the card reader value which actually have certain advantages over the AlphaCrypt to another model should buy.

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