yes but not the best

yes but not the best

Hyperion Cantos, Volume 1: Hyperion 1 (Paperback)

Customer Review

I read all the books of Dan Simmons and I devour every few days. Hyperion is a book that I enjoyed, but I have not eaten like any other. The first 2 toms read easily, it welcomes back the style of Dan Simmons.

By reading the first 2 toms I had the impression of reading a collection of stories with no connection between them. Some stories are written in a magnificent and wonderful way - Rachel & Sol, the priest Lenar Hoyt, Brawne Lamia, but others such as Kassad, MArtin Silenius, Het Masteen are longer and less catchy (in all cases I got bored reading them). But all the stories intersect in the end.
Anyway I found these first 2 volumes of uneven content. And I have not hung at all on the following 2 toms - the fall of hyperion 1 & 2. But everything must be read to understand the link between every character.

However, I loved and truly devoured the last 4 volumes of Endymion. And the books of Hyperion cantos then take all their magnitude.
Dan Simmons has created in these 8 pounds a unique and rich universe, and is based on a very interesting reflection on the intelligence and artificial life.

If you start the story, I suggest you go to the end, you will have big surprises (we find some protagonists Hyperion).

I put 4 stars for all the books, because the first toms really take relief in all the books.
In short, a reading series for fans of SF.

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