2 units - and all defective or damaged during transport ...?  The device itself is, however, well.

2 units - and all defective or damaged during transport ...? The device itself is, however, well.

comfee dehumidifier / Bautrockner MDF2-16DEN3 / 3 years warranty (16L in 24) room size approx 32m² or 80m³ (tool)

Customer Review

The unit has been received. Of course, lying, although he was supposed to be transported upright. The original packaging was completely torn down. But good. Wait 24 hour, read the instructions and then unpack. After unpacking first surprise: on the water tank stuck a piece of paper with important information in English and Spanish. My English was never good and even less Spanish. So purely in the Internet and the Google translator. The note:. "Before first use, remove the water tank and check the water level indicator (ie, whether the red ball in the water tank properly running from top to bottom and is not jammed) Well, now I remove the water tank - on the float is a loose Rubber part - I have so far not found what was there (?).
The bead rolls - all good. The device - it is running, then again and from the first test in the bathroom.

The bathroom is ca.8m2 large, the humidity after showering approximately 85% at 23.6 ° C. Ideal test operations so. Within 45 minutes, the humidity was lowered to 54%, while the air temperature rose to 24, 5 ° C (the bathroom door was always closed) and the heating was on. It was just 0.075 liters of water collected, although fan always running at maximum level ... A little bit ... I thought that 50% can be achieved within 30 minutes (in such a small space.)

For comparison - the airing lowered the humidity (in the next showers - my wife right after) within 8 minutes from 85% to 45%.

For this purpose the unit at the highest level is significantly louder than my example Trotec TTK-30S (have him for 1 year). At the minimum level, both devices are approximately identical and bearable. Comfee is better assembled - it vibrates nothing and the plastic is significantly more robust than the of Trotec. In addition, the dust filter can be easily wipe with water, which is not possible at Trotec (HEPA filter there is fast dusty and must be replaced after 6 months). And Trotec has also not hygrometer on board.

And yet, I expected more - the unit was purchased to allow it to dry the clothes in the winter in the 30m2 cellar faster.

Later, I will compare the device to my Trotec TTK-30S in the basement and if he makes no big difference there, then he comes back, because the ventilation in winter and in summer brings just more we dry our clothes almost always outside. So first only 3 stars. Then we'll see.

Addendum 1:
Now I have also discovered a hairline crack in the plastic housing of the water tank behind - although it does not affect any function, but it's still annoying ... I am going to leave to return and replace the device.

Addendum 2 15.01.2012 17:15 clock:
Replacement dehumidifiers is there. Was delivered by UPS instead of DHL. Even horizontally ... But this time everything seems to be fine. The package below is the same - open, apparently that's normal and intended by the manufacturer so. There were no loose parts and cracks more. Now I wait 24 hours, and will then try device.

Addendum 3 16.01.2013 20.35 clock:
The replacement unit has been turned on for 1 time and immediately I heard a screeching noise - the fan was probably during transportation damaged (assuming that the equipment should be tested by the manufacturer?).

Addendum 4 and 5 19.01.2013 14: 00/17: 00 Clock:
Today I bought the same device at Toom-Baumarkt. Did the same at the hardware store the unit unpacked and tested. Only running everything as it should not overly loud fan, no cracks and no loose parts. Although I paid 30 euros more, but that was with matter - because the device is really good: within 1 hour, the humidity was in the basement (30 m2, there were just 10kg wet laundry hung) at 21 ° C from 67% to 59% reduced (the fan was running at minimum level), but then stayed that way - after a further 2 hours - still 59-60%. Ok. A total of about 0.7 liters of water were accumulated after 3 hours.
Now the device gets but his earned 4 stars (5 not because the devices are obviously quite sensitive during transport - as Comfee should still make improvements along with Amazon and how it has been described here, because poor instructions).

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