• Good glove holder - also suitable for other things  

    EASY glove holder
    The glove holders are virtually all GLOVES TO BE USED. The Velcro makes it universal. When I go hiking I can fix my Shemag-cloths or other things in mind. The yellow color is striking only the unmistakable imprint of the manufacturer's site would not
  • Device does what it is supposed, high standby power consumption  

    HEPA Air Purifier B-785 with air sensor, ionizer, ozone & Bedroom function (Misc.)
    For a year now, the device CA 3x / week running for a few hours in the bedroom, especially if one of us is ill (then still daytime with ozonator). A reduction of the dust in the air, I could not watch though, yet some is stuck in the filter. Disadvan
  • Good device with Power  

    Einhell cordless impact wrench TE CI 18 Li Kit Power-X-Change, 18 V, 1.5 Ah, 140 Nm, charging time about 30 minutes, 3 power LEDs, in case (tool)
    The Einhell cordless impact wrench is delivered in a handy plastic case. Cordless screwdriver, battery and charger are included. For the first use, the battery must be recharged firstonce, super fast in about 40 minutes! The charger will indicate add
  • really good - bit large sorted maybe  

    Ferrules range 0,5-6,0mm² 650 pcs. All sizes (Misc.)
    + The sleeves can be excellently pressing (suitable tongs provided) + Yes, the box is great, clear and durable - but also half empty (one can change) + The price is really good. (-) The order is for private users a bit impractical. Rarely has such hi
  • Fantastic Aufbewarungskoffer  

    Stanley Organizer SortMaster JuniorTM - 97-483 (tool)
    This type of Aufbewarung is probably the best I far hatte.Bei three flat suitcases can be plugged together there Stable and alls carry a thicker storage case. Keeps excellent. Inside are the subjects Indivieduell divisible. Get me to hollow for my sm
  • Electric Chainsaw  

    Bosch AKE 35 S chainsaw (1,800 W, 35 cm bar length, Bosch SDS, 4 kg) (tool)
    I am very pleased with this unit. Cuts very well. I would recommend this machine with the best knowledge and good experience.
  • Knippex quality  

    Knipex 78 61 125 Electronic Super-Knips 125 mm (tool)
    The diagonal cutters to serve me, etc. during the setting up multiple network outlets to cut cables. I have deliberately chosen the "expensive" knippex variant to avoid bad results. All in all, it works great and separates the cables clean and f
  • Good assortment in practical shaker. It has quickly the matching sleeves at hand.  

    McDrill ferrules Shaker, uninsulated 0.5 - 2.5 mm², 1900 piece (Misc.)
    I was looking for an assortment of end sleeves for small cross-sections up to 2.5 mm2. This shaker has from 0.5 to 2.5 the matching sleeves at hand. Space-saving, these can be stowed away in any case electrician. I can only recommend.
  • Seat quite fitting  

    Dräger Goggles X-pect 8330 anti-scratch and anti-fog; Disc: polycarbonate; UV protection: 99.9%
    The Dräger Safety glasses sits relatively close, at least for me. They do not concentrated. The bracket can be adjusted in angle 2x that Rundumsich is good. The eyes are also protected on the side against UV radiation, ie the side light protected her
  • Solid, brawny, securing interchangeable.  

    REV Ritter 00144661 Supra Line 4x PC 2.5 m, anthracite-copper (tool)
    For people with really bad mains (I use the bar in Africa) pays this power strip from there you can replace the fuse. At 2 Brennenstuhl strips of the lower price segment the backup is no longer given as it is once blown and is not interchangeable. Be
  • Film does what it should  

    LED giant sun protection film with mirror effect Extreme Self-adhesive, 152 x 500 cm, silver, 3005010201 (tool)
    You could attach a clever manual the film nevertheless times. Then you would know right away that the film still has a protective film that protects the adhesive surface and which side is the. Have a "duct tape", the film from both sides (each c
  • Impeccable! 111  

    Blanco strainer basket 3.5 "without pin 24 slots
    It hanldelt here just to the original, so perfectly in form and function! I would recommend this product without further notice.
  • Good helper for home and garden  

    Nilfisk 128470254 Pressure Washer C 130.1-6 PAD X-TRA (tool)
    First of all, the device is sellbst meticulously crafted and easy to install. The color blue is still to chic and something Aneres as of Kärcher. In the price range he must not hide from the big yellow competitor. The 130 bar pressure maintenance for
  • Enough though ....  

    No-Name Uhrenwerkzeugset in nylon bag, 30 pcs. (Tool)
    For the first time should not expect too much in this price range you. I have this set for belt replacement / -kürzen and possibly buy a battery change. Since I also had no intention of predominantly own automatic watches, perform an audit at the fac
  • Soft, pleasant chalk  

    Blackboard chalk square colorful (Misc.)
    The chalk writes light and comfortable on the board. Very good product. The colors come on the blackboard out quite well.
  • Flawless double-sided tape that holds what is promised  

    3M VHB 5952F double-sided high-performance adhesive tape, 19 mm x 3 m, black 5952193 (tool)
    With double-sided tape I've always had good experience with various brands, which is why I had not much doubt notice regarding this doppelseitien tape from 3M, especially as I was with this brand itself has always satisfied. I mean that my father a f
  • its price worth  

    Einhell GC-DW 1300 N Tiefbrunnenpumpe, 1300 Watt, max. 5,000 l / h, 20 m immersion depth, 65 m delivery head, stainless steel housing (tool)
    After I let me drill a 13 meter deep well in the garden two weeks ago, of course, had to be a strong and reliable pump. The pump supplied GC-DW 1300 N makes at first sight a sophisticated look and also the workmanship and the materials leave nothing
  • Replacement Battery for Bosch / Somfy K10 / 12/8  

    Kraftmax Battery for Bosch Somfy K8 / K10 / K12 - with 2000mAh capacity - New NIMH technology with over 42% more power than the battery with 1400 mAh! (Misc.)
    Repeat purchase. So far, always satisfied. Delivery is usually very fast. This time, it took some time longer, but because the post was to blame (strike). With the previously ordered batteries it never was a problem. Charge was done quite fast, perfo
  • Those who know the original is woefully disappointed here! it has nothing to do with the original except for the name  

    Elsterglanz Universal metal polishing paste 150 ml (Misc.)
    I have dedicated myself today the old aluminum mudguards my bike and thought to myself, do it once as a tube on. The consistency, color and smell have nothing to do with the original .... ok do not judge rashly and try it out! Contamination of bare a
  • According Leise..alles or is in the eye of the viewer or the listener  

    Tristar VE-5933 Floor Fan 50 Watt Stainless Steel (tool)
    I do it briefly, ordered, delivered via Prime next day .... everything as usual. The part selber..solide to see stable and nice. Cable Length "normal" ... the state is really great to 3 points. The operating range is vertically adjustable, easil