• Fits well in the Jazz  

    VARTA Blue Dynamic A14 / Car Battery / Battery 40Ah
    For the Honda Jazz (Vorängermodell) although there is another one of Varta, the bottom has a thickening, but cut well with some Styrodur went it so well. ME it made no sense to spend some more Talerchen for the lower thickening. The shell of Honda, w
  • Really great 1 2  

    tomaxx leather keychain St. Christopher with silver / black - genuine leather! Length 10cm (Electronics)
    Real top the more beautiful than as described in for Image, Real super'm on superiorities to my edging it to buy
  • Super diagnostic connector - absolute buy recommendation  

    Vgate iCar 2 EOBD OBDII WiFi WLAN OBD 2 Car Auto Diagnostic Interface Android iOS Windows (Black - Orange)
    The connection setup is fast and the transfer also. Absolute buy recommendation! Further processing is also very high. Previously I had a cheap plug for approx 17 was unfortunately broken when I got him. The decision but then grab a little deeper int
  • is obviously no leather  

    Aerzetix - Steering Wheel Cover Steering Wheel Cover steering wheel cover for sewing Genuine leather Color: orange. Size: M (Automotive)
    not like leather smell and you should put it in the water two hours, before the dirty processing_SameParents each leather steering wheel, on the applying the envelope. For all cleverness Meier, who say, leather to leather makes no sense: does make se
  • Fulfills the function, with a penchant for little improvement  

    OBD 2 II Extension Cable Male to Female 1 meter 16 Pin Diagnostic Interface (Automotive)
    Because of space problems, I have an extension with angled plug needed. This feature will be completely fulfilled. A deduction of points there, because the coupling of the extension has no adjustment nose, and it's up to the OBD port of the car stand
  • Typical American fragrance  

    California Scents 7027 car air freshener, Verri Berry (Automotive)
    Hello everybody, this fragrance is typically American. Artificial, sweet and berry. Meanwhile, you have to be bewust itself. I merely pressed and bent back, without removing the cover the tab in the lid. With me the box now sits in the center console
  • Very quality solution for cleaning  

    ARMOR ALL 31735L Universal Active Foam Cleaner, 500ml (Automotive)
    Hi, the spray is really easy to use and works very fast. Spraying, leave on short and clean brush with cloth. it's that simple. I have an older car (10 years), so the difference was quite extreme !. Has summarizes everything cleaned from the cushions
  • Very good quality 70  

    EXZA Vgate iCar 3 2015 WiFi WLAN OBD OBD2 EOBD Car Auto Diagnostic Interface Android iOS Windows diagnostic iPad iPhone (green)
    Can unfortunately the handling of OBD connector to report not much since I had ordered him accidentally wrong and he was not suitable for my car. The material is very high
  • Conveniently, Made in Germany and quality  

    Liqui Moly 1554 Leather Care, 250ml (Automotive)
    I'm thrilled! Have taken it for my leather handbag + Two leather belts and for my leather jacket: PERFECT !! Have previously taken Schuhwax (transparent), which was always a graffiti. The liquid absorbs instantly !! Smells even marginally (smells nat
  • OEM quality with functional limitations, beep until 0.9 m, ie very late, Design of 2010  

    Bosch 0263009565 ParkPilot URF7, optical and acoustic universal parking aid with 4 sensors in Erstausrüstungsqualtität (Automotive)
    The quality surpasses all competitors products from China, the entspechend 3- fold price is justified. The sensors meet the really installed in series sensors and are qualitatively comparable in any way with the cheap Chiateilen. This should have an
  • Super! 1440  

    California Scents CarScents - Coronado Cherry
    My daughter is thrilled in her car, it smells great. With its minimum aperture is absolutely pleasant and everyone is signing up, it noted positive. Have some time later a can be ordered for the friend of my daughter. The is also thrilled open from t
  • Smells great, even after 2 months still  

    California Scents 7026 car air freshener, Monterey Vanilla (Automotive)
    At length I have a new car to me 2 months ago and have since the air freshener in use. It has a pleasant aroma of vanilla in the car!
  • Enthusiasm Pur 1  

    Signstek * White Ceramic * 100ML Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Humidifier fragrance diffuser with LED
    Especially in winter or in warmer temperatures prevailing in the apartment always a stuffy or smelly air. You can remedy this with a diffuser and made especially curious me the Signstek * White Ceramic * 100ML Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser. This sounded
  • Perfect solution 1  

    Signstek wireless wassdichte doorbell with 36 melodies and 4 volumes Plug In for the socket
    We have a small garden where we sit behind the house very often, when the weather is nice. The problem was always that you never heard the bell. As a solution I found the Signstek Wireless Waterproof doorbell Perfect. === The Signstek Wireless Waterp
  • Beautiful coat color  

    Foxtail Silberfuchs XXL min. 40cm tail fox fur tail trailer
    First time I have to say that I can not understand the whining of the self-proclaimed "animal rescuer". I myself have enough furs at home coming from old animals or animals notgeschossenen. The fur was not a cheap imitation vorleigende from
  • Tire pressure monitoring system  

    Rupse tire pressure gauge tire pressure gauge monitoring system with 4 sensors TPMS Tire Pressure Monitor System Automatic alarm
    All top I can only recommend, Any time. The English manual should maybe be translated in German!
  • Class 35  

    NEVR DULL 990,700 polishing cotton, Content: 142 g (Automotive)
    Works great for polishing and cleaning of tin, brass, silver, copper and bronze. Through the cotton has also been directly a carrier for the cleaning liquid, very convenient. But for right angeranzte spots I prefer still liquid detergents which act a
  • Unfortunately worse than expected  

    Goodyear 75518 2 tonne trolley jack (Automotive)
    Short and sweet. Pro: - Comes with deep-set sports car - Raise car Contraindications: - Expensive for the performance - Low Hub - You have to pump dozens of times to get the car up Conclusion: "Whoever buys cheap, buys twice" applies here,
  • Smells really top  

    California Scents 7027 car air freshener, Verri Berry (Automotive)
    5 go in order, even if it is just as expensive or more expensive than at the gas stations. But the selection is much larger and the 1.2 it seemed no longer also. Comes with Prime account has lasted 3-4 days, but think these things are sent from the U
  • cheap and good 46  

    Cars Nissan Primera Traveller, 2 whippets, clean car However, on the sides of the doors there could still be wider, or there should be a fixture, our one Whippet also disappear before the ceiling, but otherwise ok