• An AT-AT. , , modified version of Endor on Hoth.  

    Star Wars Vintage Collection Vehicle AT-AT Walker Endor Version Exclusive (Toys)
    You can say what you want: This AT-AT is really a hammer part. Now I am not one of the Group, which kneeling playing Star Wars Battlefront on the floor because of my age. The AT-AT was included in my collection and is in addition to the huge Milleniu
  • Smells "China Rubber"  

    Multi charger 14 in 1 Gold Contact Futaba JR Tamiya T connector Deans Mini Tamiya XT60 EC3 TRX transmitter Micro T MicroCar TamTech Gear SlowFly BEC Part Core Model charging cable 4.0 mm banana plugs on Futaba | JR, Tamiya, T-connector [Deans] Mini-T, Transmitter Graupner | JR Futaba, TRX [Traxxas] Mini Tamiya, EC3, Molex, BEC | JST, MicroCar [TamTech Gear] | 300 mm PVC cable to (Toys)
    It acts processed cheap and you can smell the first few days the strong plastic odor throughout the Wohnung.Wenn you but let it evaporate once it is functioning properly.
  • Rather dust catcher  

    SmartMax - SMX 301 - Basic 25 - Giant magnetic building set, 25 parts (toy)
    I expected more interest. Recommended age for 12 months + (Info under technical details) or 3+, according to the point product security. My son got it around his 1st birthday, date (at the time of review), he is 18 months old. The balls (color) were
  • Super newcomer for game night.  

    Kosmos 692 339 - Ubongo, New Edition 2015 (Toys)
    Huiuiui, Ubongo has it all. Actually, it was certainly before the first games that I have a good photographic / visual thinking skills and the other games in this fast paced puzzle lay in the bag - Nope! It took until I was the first to Ubongo! could
  • Creativity en masse!  

    STAEDTLER FIMO Air Light modeling clay, hydrated, 100 x 25 x 200 mm, 250 g (Office supplies & stationery)
    I bought this product for my sister's birthday for her and she was very pleased with this. You tinkering own figurines and 3D images herewith. In particular, the lightness of the material should be well on their brilliant statement!
  • halt Schmetz - there is nothing to complain about  

    154 520 - sewing machine needles JEANS 130/705 90-110 (Misc.)
    As always satisfied -halt Schmetz - there's nothing to complain about. I do not only for jeans, but also canvas or washcloth
  • finally no plastic  

    Goki 57574 - Einlegepuzzle - 0-9 (Toys)
    Unfortunately, most Kiddi-only toys made of plastic .... Such puzzle, building blocks etc. are simply WOOD !!! It's a great material that does not go so quickly broken and usually you can fix it while you throw away the plastic stuff - this they are
  • Good chalk for good price  

    Giotto 5392 00 - RoberColor Enrobee blackboard chalk, carton with 100 pieces in white (toy)
    First of all: The chalk is chalk real, something you do not always get. Advantage of real chalk is that they (also dry) is much easier on the blackboard wiped. The chalk itself is very comfortable to hold, dusty little and offers a pleasant writing s
  • funny packaging for a gift of money  

    Money safe, a great package for cash gifts, trick play, wooden game, puzzle game, puzzle game, Puzzle Wooden Money Safe (Toys)
    I have little patience and the trick rather just looked up to pack the money. But the gifted godson has joyfully around gewerkelt fifteen minutes a day of his confirmation and was very pleased with this original packaging. The workmanship is very goo
  • Darth Vader is irrepressible!  

    Heidelberger HEI0404 - Star Wars X-Wing - TIE Advanced Expansion Pack (Toys)
    I play the TIE Advanced exclusively with Darth Vader as a pilot because his ability in my opinion, speaks for itself. Darth Vader is able to perform two actions per round, two of which are to contribute maneuverability (Dodge, focusing) and can bring
  • A game for the series: Merchandising  

    Kosmos 692 407 - The Big Bang Theory - The ingenious game (toy)
    When I got this game in the choices I was still thinking, hey, the show I know, I look not on a regular basis, but heck, my colleagues - who often quote from it - find it be fun so you get times variety for lunch , After I then had the game in his ha
  • Keeps what the manufacturer promises.  

    C.KREUL textile paint JAVANA opaque, black, 20 ml 90961 (Toys)
    Tried on red fabric shoes and fixed by air drying because of the canvas. The color is opaque already at the first order, he also, after I walked through a puddle. Thumbs up despite the high price.
  • For my taste a bit too expensive ...  

    Schlamperrolle Stifteetui Lederschlamperrolle Federmappe Leather Products (Toys)
    I know the leather folder from the local stationery shops, normal cost under 10 euros, higher from 20 euros upwards. From this Case I have promised me something more, but I found the leather too hard, the seams are not processed so beautiful, also pa
  • For the price an impertinence  

    71016 THE SIMPSONSĀ® Kwik-E-Mart (Toys)
    Besides the fact that the set directly in Lego 20 EUR costs less, it's overpriced restraint alone compared to other Lego products. 2100 stones there are 20% fewer components than the equally priced Simpsons-house. The many details can not compensate
  • Tips accessory for hen party!  

    Bridal Sash Bride to Be Sash Hen Party Night Thu Accessories (Toys)
    I have cast. 14 sashes directly ordered online at the "Fancy Pants Store" because I have some of them personalized. The order itself was very simple. After 1 week, I got the sashes already. The fabric is super - shines a bit and is smooth and be
  • MHH ... not our cup of tea  

    Pegasus 52210G - The Big Bang Theory Party Game (Toy)
    Unfortunately we are totally disappointed. We are absolute Big Bang Theory fans, but the game is unfortunately only one type of "making money"! First of all we needed a relatively long time to understand how it is all about and if you then play,
  • Nice to look at, but ...  

    The monster is big and super class to view. Unfortunately, however, move the hinge wires inside while playing so that that monster after a short time can not be installed!
  • Great, cuddly set of 3  

    Minions Premium Austerity: Minions Bob with Bear plush figure, 28cm + Haribo gummi bears Minions (Toys)
    Thanks to a product testing I received the Minions set of 3 free of a product review platform. The delivery was very quick, so I could see the three Plush Minions take a closer look quickly. Currently costs the set from Amazon 16.90 euros. These are
  • Super great for a great price  

    Plush Sulley from Monsters, Inc. turquoise 46cm Disney plush toy (toys)
    The monster is very large and very detailed, the purchase is worth it for the price. Even the part of the processing everything is fine
  • Gets along well in the car  

    The Walking Dead - Zombie Bobble-Head RV Walker (Toy)
    What a fan of the series. Looks very good detail. Are've got him in the car and at last he saw Blitzer Photo also good !!