• beautiful light, with a great feature  

    reer 52050 MyMagicStarlight Einschlaflicht with star projector and music function (Baby Product)
    As I ever was allowed to test a nightlight that company last year that I could not convince quite, I was curious how it would be with this here. Me personally the night light has been activated for this reason, because it can be simultaneously used a
  • A brilliant cup :)  

    NUK Magic Cup 250 ml, novel drinking rim, sealing silicone disc, from 8 months, polypropylene (Baby Product)
    Our small (23 months) use it daily. The cup is really very practical. You can twist it and turn and nothing goes out. Really a great invention. In between, she drinks although from a proper glass. However, the NUK cup stays put, precisely because not
  • Nice design, not too hot, not too airy  

    Alvi Mäxchen light summer sleeping bag unpadded (Baby Product)
    Since we already had some very warm days and our sleeping rooms below the roof, it was high time to move to the summer sleeping bags. As I have already had good experiences with the winter sleeping bag from Alvi, I decided in the end for the summer s
  • Well planned, unfortunately, poorly implemented - some no-gos  

    TFK Buggy Dot (Baby Product)
    The buggy has more space than its competition and has a huge sun / rain cover. The aluminum frame makes it incredibly easy and it is also well made. The brakes have a good time, the wheels are softer than you'd expect. The suspension is compared with
  • Compact, inexpensive and good  

    Safety 1st Compacity Buggy, comfortable Liegebuggy with toy bar (Baby Product)
    Compact and portable, can also be handed push well. Perfectly adequate for walking, terrain becomes more difficult. Weight is pleasant even for one-handed carrying.
  • Easy to use, good cleaning power ....  

    NUK 10251010 - vaporiser / Auskocher for up to 5 bottles, nipples and accessories, color blue / white (Baby Product)
    As you get father comes sometime the point at which you have to worry about which devices you because actually needed in the household, to warm food, to clean bottles, etc .. Finally, no one wants to indeed buy everything one by advertising is convey
  • As Zweitstühlchen very nice and convenient. I think just not very durable, but I'll find out.  

    TecTake Highchair Highchair height adjustable -Various Colors (Baby Product)
    As grandma who I am now, I have ordered this adorable little chair for my second granddaughter. At first I was a little confused, because I have long had to mount anything. But I can say with a clear conscience that the assembly is not very difficult
  • Reer 98020 SkinTemp  

    Reer 98020 SkinTemp 3in1 infrared clinical thermometer (baby products)
    Scope of supply: In the box you will find the thermometer, and a good guide. The battery (CR2032 button cell) is already used, only a plastic protective strip must be removed / disconnected. Function: The device is so simple that it normally does not
  • Good bottle warmer with very good insulating performance!  

    Philips Avent SCF256 / 00 bottle warmer on the go (Baby Product)
    I bought the bottle warmer thanks to the positive ions Renz and can now say from personal experience that we are very satisfied! The processing of the hot water bottle is very good. The handling is super easy. The plastic container can be read, how m
  • High-quality workmanship 2  

    Grünspecht My little friend heat, Kirschkernkissen (Baby Product)
    The fabric is soft and cuddly-seams are meticulously crafted. The Velcro is up between the ears and is not disturbing. The Kirschkernkissen can take super low thanks to the generous opening. Even the insertion succeeds without problems. I personally
  • Great baby monitor  

    Philips Avent SCD501 / 00 DECT baby monitor Night Light, Smart Eco Mode, White / Blue (Baby Product)
    As such, a good baby monitor. Unfortunately, the receiver does not work outside the home. Little coverage. In the house it is functioning properly. Would be great if you could change the monitor on battery.
  • Fun and comfortable for children  

    Amazonas AZ-2030771 Hang Mini Zebra (garden products)
    This hanging chair is well made and has a good quality. The design is a matter of taste, I find particularly the zebra-tail very funny. The chair can be fixed well, we hung him to a roof beam on a covered terrace. There are so specified as the maximu
  • Never again without! 5  

    Manduca Sling 233-20-42-001, Jersey Sling, Gots certified (Baby Product)
    I love it! Since I already have another cloth me but this constant hinbinden and setting the child has annoyed animal (especially if you are traveling and the fabric panels fall on the dirty floor), I've decided to try it with this flexible cloth , I
  • Perfect for the girl's room  

    Deco Wall DW-1207 The fairytale castle wall decal (Baby Product)
    Prima for smooth surfaces perfectly my daughter likes it. Can be peeled off well and some variants are possible to glue the wall or wallpaper.
  • Soft and comfortable, made of cotton  

    Babybay slip bag with strap slot (Baby Product)
    The slip sack 100% cotton is of relatively thick, solid material but nevertheless comfortably soft. The seams make a stable impression. He can wash (40 °) and is also suitable for tumble drying. For this purpose it is also very convenient to use: The
  • Product is Good  

    Lina M.® self-adhering sun visor for children and babies, has sunscreen in the car with the highest certified factor "UPF80 +". Attachment to the rear side windows, by self-adhesive solar protection film. Glare protection due to extra dense polyester mesh. Suitable for child safety seats, infant carriers, Reboarder and seat wedges. Size: 48 x 30 cm (Baby Product)
    The product is so far OK It adheres firmly to the window, and provides good protection against the solar radiation Unfortunately, it looks from the outside quite messy, because the film is not going to get 100% smooth.
  • perfect for preemies  

    Particularly suitable new urine indicator 24 Pampers Diapers Micro New Baby, 1-2.5 Kg for premature babies (Baby Product)
    if you like we have a premature baby at home, you're extremely grateful that there is the Pampers Micro. It fits perfectly to our daughter, keeps its promises and has, thanks to the urine in the same indicator in view whether it is time to wrap :) Th
  • Thing is specifically but great  

    Oball 81514 Wobble Bobble Wabbelball (Baby Product)
    We have the ball for a few days. Our child is an "Action" -Baby and like it when what's going on. She loves the ball especially strong vibration, it is really motivated to crawl back and activate the vibrate, then they have to laugh out loud. Sh
  • Well made and well thought out  

    Babybay slip bag with strap slot (Baby Product)
    There were times when I myself have sewn muffs or changed accordingly to make it so that you can angurten the child so that the child seat (or in my Tobe-child who also like to get thrown fast forward). That you have at this slip bag obviously no lon
  • Good fit with limitations  

    Maxi-Cosi MiloFix, child car seat Group 0/1 (0-18 kg) (Baby Product)
    Have not bought the seat of Amazon, but still would like to share my experience after more than one year experience. Plus points: + Workmanship is very good + Cushion soft and easily washable + Makes a save impression: Nothing is loose, large side sh