Kitchen And Household


  • Cute thermos  

    IB Laursen thermos 1l. English Rose (household goods)
    Looks pretty, but feels like cheap plastic, whether the money is justified is debatable. Keeps you warm. Too bad that it does not exist even in larger.
  • Super bottle, fast delivery  

    1a TUPPER Bottle EcoEasy Bottle 310 ml --- purple
    This bottle is very beautiful, compact and smaller than the usual, which we always had (500 g), so it fits perfectly for the school our daughter. We are very satisfied and can only recommend it. The delivery took place in the above given time, everyt
  • Although is far too expensive, but already what makes her  

    Antique wooden hutch white 58 x 38 cm
    We use the hutch as spice rack in the kitchen, which looks really sweet. The thing is already done rather cheap for the price.
  • Senseo or Nespresso ...  

    Philips Senseo HD7817 / 19 Original Kaffeepadmaschine, 1450 W, 1 or 2 cups, white (household goods)
    ... This question does not arise even after testing the latest generation of the standard version. I am rather surprised something that Desgin has not even taken place as part of a facelift. The internal changes that increase the coffee temperature y
  • Perfect shape for one person  

    Lock & Lock LLG441 multifunction Boroseal 900ml (household goods)
    Use this form for casseroles in one portion or, for example, for storing Tiramisu in the refrigerator. Because the lid is tightly closed, no nasty smell refrigerator comes to food. Super is also ovenproof and a small fish fit for cooking in the oven
  • Chocolates  

    Lauensteiner elite, Gift Box, 1300g
    Super great gift pack with delicious chocolates. A great gift for chocolate lovers! However, from her price, only for birthdays or personal hard Agen such. B. Communion 'Komfermation, confirmation or wedding / wedding anniversaries, Mother's suitable
  • All defective quickly  

    DeLonghi ECAM 22.110.B fully automatic coffee machine (1.8 l, 15 bar, 1450 Watt, steam nozzle) glossy black (household goods)
    We have this Maschiene since about half a year. After a short time (about 2 weeks), the unit was broken for frothing milk. The milk was just hot, then began to bubble and sprietze from the cup out to the side, but it was no more foam. After about thr
  • Mene new office snack box  

    Emsa 513,954 Bento Box Lunchbox Rectangular, 0.5 liters, with inserts, gray / orange (household goods)
    This practical box from the house Emsa is modern and stylish therefore in gray and orange. In it you can meals, snacks, fruit, vegetables and much more not only transport wonderful and / or store, but also heat in the microwave. It is suitable for th
  • Gateway drug for higher quality coffee pleasure  

    Gaggia RI9403 / 11 Espresso Machines Espresso Machine, frother, stainless steel (houseware)
    The machine makes a good visual impression. It is one of the slightly larger models, but still fits well even in smaller kitchens. The stainless steel cladding looks solid and professional. The filter holder is heavy in the hand and gives a reliable
  • so should always taste coffee zumAufbrühen  

    Philips HD5407 / 60 Coffee Cafe Gourmet (1300 Watt, 1 L, directly Brühprinzip) black (household goods)
    Have this model buy again after the first machine broke down after about 10 years. I know of no ordinary coffee machine where the coffee tastes better. Not quite as Handgebrüht but is really nache ran. Especially the coffee is really hot. Negative, h
  • The original pad machine - with improved performance  

    Philips Senseo HD7817 / 19 Original Kaffeepadmaschine, 1450 W, 1 or 2 cups, white (household goods)
    A few years ago there were only Senseo - and we were very pleased. In the meantime came / come increasingly capsule systems on the market, which are mutually course completely incompatible. Even in the family we can not agree: My good old Senseo OER
  • Very high-quality, high-performance blender  

    Philips HR 2195/08 Avance Collection Blender stainless steel, 900 W, 2 L glass container, Silver / Black (Kitchen)
    I've gotten some Philips household appliances and am also using this blender very satisfied. For some time I wanted to buy myself a device for smoothies and have therefore accessed directly from this device. The first impression that all parts are ve
  • 2 Thermo-spot pan from Tefal  

    Tefal C40004 Meteor Ceramic pan 24 cm (household goods)
    Our first Thermo-spot pan is the Tefal D42106. This does now for about 2 years in service in our kitchen. Therefore, we were looking forward to this pan. The workmanship is as expected by the company Tefal very good. The grip sits firmly in the pan a
  • Nothing special and too expensive  

    Russell Hobbs 18947-70 Colours Royal Blue kettle, safety lid, 2,200 W (household goods)
    The kettle gets two asterisks design, because if one of those classic English-style Kitchen Like he is nice to look at, in fact. But even here there is a little thing that I find inconsistent: the really big oversized and not beautiful Palstikschalte
  • Achieved perfect ironing results effortlessly  

    Philips GC9620 / 20 Perfect Care Elite Dampfbügelstation (OptimalTEMP, 6.5 bar steam pressure, 400 g of steam) (household goods)
    Even before I got the ironing station sent, I have washed lots of blouses and shirts of different materials, because I wanted to test the new device extensively. It arrived safely packed and I parked it immediately after unpacking on the board, was a
  • The original under the pad coffee machines. Fast coffee for "Little-coffee drinkers."  

    Philips Senseo HD7817 / 19 Original Kaffeepadmaschine, 1450 W, 1 or 2 cups, white (household goods)
    This is not my first Senseo. I bought 2002, the first series of Senseo. After just 3 years, she has then given up the ghost. They muttered only, leaving no water through. This was followed by capsule machines, pad machines from other manufacturers, a
  • super idea 13  

    Velcro cable ties Velcro 25-pack black (household goods)
    to be ingenious and rapid solution to the Kabelage LORD !!! From the length usually enough (otherwise simply connect two!), Color is also OK, because most cable're black! The price performance ratio is okay! No more fumbling and unpleasant appearance
  • Very powerful hand vacuum cleaner with a weak Accu technology  

    Dyson v6 Absolute Handstaubsauger with suction levels 2, 350 W, 20 min duration at 28 W, 6 minutes at 100 W, electric direct drive brush, parquet, post-motor, Digital Motor (household goods)
    First, I had to "make smart" me what and who is -Dyson-. Surely you heard, but quickly repressed in prices. Granted I am very pleased with the company's history, development and the undoubtedly very high engineering skills in the sector of Zyklo
  • Pretty Chinese  

    Royal Albert Cup, Vintage Rose, 0.4 l (household goods)
    Pretty cup, looks elegant, have directly ordered us another. Too bad that it was made in China .... Because rankles a high price.
  • Great for creams, smoothies, ice cream, farces, pastes, soups and herbs etc. A first-class, powerful blender.  

    Philips HR 2195/08 Avance Collection Blender stainless steel, 900 W, 2 L glass container, Silver / Black (Kitchen)
    When unpacking (by the way everything is very unbreakable packaged) falls as the outstanding workmanship on. The combination of black, silver and glass is simply a blast! The control panel looks really great and high quality. Also the stability of th