• great thing when one has informed aussreichend  

    Psyllium husks ground 1000g bag (Personal Care)
    It does not taste very delicious, you can not expect in seed coats I think. But if you look well informed on the Internet you can order what good do. Just as the dosage must be observed. That's a lot of fiber and if the body is not used to it you hav
  • Even with the small spatula difficult to dose ...  

    SOS warts-Ex 0.5ml (Personal Care)
    ... And skin burns in the area of ​​the wart are already pre-programmed. Sure, that means helping, it's just a fairly strong acid, a previously cautious applying lotion to the warts stove is not necessarily successful. Skin burns are possible. For me
  • A very good shaver  

    Philips RQ1187 / 45 Senso Touch 2D wet & dry shaver (Bart Tyler and nose u. Ear hair trimmer) (Health and Beauty)
    Thanks to Philips I was allowed to test the Philips RQ1187 / 45 Senso Touch 2D wet & dry shaver and would rate it after a week in use now. What I first noticed positive is really nice and modern design, which attracts attention and has a pleasant eff
  • Wholeheartedly excited  

    Deluxe G point silicone vibrator for you, with 30 programs (Health and Beauty)
    With the stuff of Lumunu I've had a good experience and so I try and every now and then like something new. Finally, it should not be boring and variety is popular in the bedroom. So I also have various vibrators at home and one of them is the Deluxe
  • Strengthening the immune system, good for fungal infections  

    Intestinal flora plus select, Dr Wolz, 40st. (Personal Care)
    I'll take it now for over a week every morning and it has a great effect on the immune system. There is something to drink but also the germs survive but never the acid. These capsules protect. Also good for people with intestinal yeast.
  • A piece of motivation  

    Oral-B Stages electric toothbrush children (theme Princess) (Health and Beauty)
    This electric toothbrush children consists of handle and brush head; Furthermore, the charging station is included. Prior to use, the toothbrush should be loaded. 16 hours it needs to fully charge; a control eg with a LED you have not unfortunately.
  • Good equipment, something fluctuating values  

    Medisana BW 300 connect Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Includes HausMed coupon code (Personal Care)
    This Medisana blood pressure monitor comes complete with meter, integrated collar and a storage bag and a manual. In addition, a voucher is for a Hausmed coaching course hypertension. The device has a permanently installed battery, which is charged w
  • urgent warning in front of purchase  

    Poliboy laminate renovator 500ml (Health and Beauty)
    I strongly advise the purchase from that really is such a crap! Did my whole laminate Versaut so many strip looks really bad! Soon after dosing about 1 hours, it looked amazing from've then for 2 days later and then was wiped completely over I could
  • For children aged 5+  

    Oral-B Stages electric toothbrush children (theme Princess) (Health and Beauty)
    Colorful paint and motifs on the toothbrush (princess for girls and cars for boys each of Disney) liked the little ones very well, also that they now have their own such as the Great Electric makes children so somehow proud. Just as eErwachsenen have
  • Small, well usable hairdryer  

    Rowenta CV3312 travel hairdryer Nomad Elite /1.600 Watt (Personal Care)
    To describe the Rowenta CV 3312 as a travel hairdryer, arouses any false expectations stanchions. Of course, it is smaller than many "giant hairdryer", but still significantly higher than mini-Subkompakt models. you would possibly pack of air tr
  • But vegetarian Capsules- the rest is mental arithmetic  

    Green Tea Green Tea 9000mg x 60 tablets & Colon Cleanser Colon Cleanse pack x 60 tablets - 1 Month Supply weight loss, diet, fat burner (Personal Care)
    Since the PEAK capsules bovine gelatine to have this ordered here an alternative. Now you can expect to find yourself in the "green tea jungle" dogs: The standard preparation "Prevent-Loges" from the pharmacy is 150 mg per capsule EGCG
  • Onuge wihte strips  

    New improved formula (5min Express)! Onuge 28 WHITESTRIPS Tooth Whitening strips (with Advanced no-slip technology) professional whitening for teeth dental white stripes Occulto Premium Line (Personal Care)
    I am very pleased with the teeth whitening. In the beginning I had problems to bring the strips on the teeth and then they hold. But now we go ... I after the first application already now seen a great result ... The following applications have left
  • Whether it ion or does not need ......  

    Braun Satin Hair 7 HD 780 hairdryer (Professional SensoDryer with AC motor) (Health and Beauty)
    I can not assess at the site is 100%, but the fact is, even without ion, it provides us with a much-better result than the old hairdryer with Ion technology. Due to the acquisition: The old man had a broken gear knob because of a fall. Bought he was
  • For me a blessing!  

    Makana MSM 99.9% pure, methylsulphonylmethane, 1er Pack (1 x 1 kg) (Health and Beauty)
    Just spent two days on the road and thus, a loud "Chapeau!" As regards speed! Have come to grips with that since more than one year at any other measure successfully opposed to the powder my mouth sores space finite. In order to achieve a striki
  • Good emetic  

    Frey Nutrition Anabolic BCAA Pur, 1er Pack (1 x 400 g) (Health and Beauty)
    So I'm actually a "Frey Nutrition" - Fan payable (due Cologne List, Aspartame, Made in Germany etcpp) and am ready for the quality one or two euros more. This product (taste should be neutral), however, was a handle in the toilet. So you messed
  • Batteries not tip evaporator  

    CE4 + plus Doppelset Atomizer / Clearomizer with 1100 mAh of Hannets® (Personal Care)
    I've often ordered Hannets batteries and was always satisfied. Because I this time sowiso new evaporator and a charging cable needed, I decided for the set. Unfortunately, the evaporator suck any excess powder, since the very first day they tasted of
  • Here, the brush and not hand turns  

    Rowenta CF5122 heatable styling brush rolling off (Personal Care)
    I have here with the Rowenta CF5122 Styling Brush a rolling function I CF8360 warm air dry brush sometimes misses when Rowenta. So both brushes ideally complement. The styling brush is heated for a short time, my mother reaches Level 1 with 160 ° C f
  • Boso Medilife S  

    Boso Medilife S, fully automatic blood pressure monitor for the wrist (Personal Care)
    I have decided for this device because it is a German manufacturer and still very low. The inflation process is something gewöhnungsbrdürftig because the engine inflates very quickly and at various speeds. It is already measured, and not, as in our o
  • Pleasant shaver with light flowery fragrance ...  

    Gillette Venus Breeze Razor (Health and Beauty)
    Hard Plastic packaging nerves usually. It takes usually a pair of scissors and a lot of patience. Here one has come up with what, respect, despite hard plastic packaging. You need to open here no scissors and no knives and even patience. In the upper
  • convinced only conditionally  

    Philips HP6523 / 02 Satin Soft Epilator (Health and Beauty)
    This Soft epilator from Philips comes in a simple package, through which you also can not look. So unadorned it is outside, the inside is so unadorned further unfortunately. The individual parts are somehow loveless gerotzt then in a very thin, white