• Thorough but gentle wet shave  

    Gillette Venus Breeze Razor (Health and Beauty)
    In addition to regular epilation I reach in between, if it is to go faster, sometimes a wet razor. So far, the always went with cheap (disposable) razors very good. Still, I was curious how the Gillette Venus Breeze is so. First of all, I have a litt
  • Can be useful  

    ACE drug tester 4 in 1 - 2 rapid test for individuals to determine 6 different types of drugs ... (Personal Care).
    There is the same manufacturer a larger package with a urine test, which came not so good with the testers to. The little test here is more convenient to use and can be carried out easily, without offending the test, by forcing him to urine sample. A
  • soft shaving with good result  

    Gillette Venus and Olay blade, 3 pieces (Personal Care)
    Tested were the razor from my wife: Together with the Gilette Venus razor, there was a set on top blade and I can only emphasize hitherto gained positive impression again. In the combination of the 5 comfort blades and the moving of shaving razor eve
  • Super all-rounder for Body  

    Philips Bodygroom Series 1000 BG105 / 10 (Health and Beauty)
    The Bodygroom trimmer is ideal for trimming body hair and even in the shower or in the bathtub. It is small, slim, lightweight and therefore very easy to handle. He is really very good in the hand. Commissioning could not be easier. The lower part of
  • Noticeable power increase  

    Olimp Creapure Monohydrate Powder, 1er Pack (1 x 500 g) (Health and Beauty)
    I've just ordered a can of times, because I've heard only good things about creatine - this I have chosen because the quality will be very high. I use it now since exactly one month and the first power increases have already made noticeable. I now ge
  • Smells heavenly  

    Soap And Glory Rich And Famous dual use Shower And Bath Body Wash 500ml (Health and Beauty)
    The perfect complement to Smoothie Lotion Star. The shower gel smells like lotion after a mixture of cinema foyer and fair. Popcorn meets roasted almonds. However, the lotion is just a tad bit sweeter, the shower gel something "cleaner".
  • great natural conditioner  

    Organic Evening Primrose Oil - 100% pure extra virgin base oil - organic certified - 100ml (Health and Beauty)
    I'll make it the best natural hair treatment, there is. And my scalp does this product then also good. There is nothing better.
  • PRODUCT TEST PHILIPS RQ1187 / 45 Senso Touch 2D wet and dry shaver incl. Bart Tyler and nose u. Ear hair trimmer  

    Philips RQ1187 / 45 Senso Touch 2D wet & dry shaver (Bart Tyler and nose u. Ear hair trimmer) (Health and Beauty)
    The product was to try get PHILIPS kindly free. DESIGN: modern design is good and light in the hand, good ergonomics. FUNCTION: Noise: the operation surprisingly quiet (compared with razors with elongated double shaving head). That's very good! Charg
  • "The present is the state between the good old days and the beautiful future"  

    Gillette Venus Breeze razor SPA (Health and Beauty)
    Shaver there are currently as sand in the sea. And as a customer one is so increasingly faced with the problem which shaver is the right for me. At the same time there are also now more opportunities hair to be removed than with a razor. After I trie
  • really good fast product  

    New improved formula (5min Express)! Onuge 28 WHITESTRIPS Tooth Whitening strips (with Advanced no-slip technology) professional whitening for teeth dental white stripes Occulto Premium Line (Personal Care)
    Have these new 5 min strips now bought and am absolutely to peace. They are easy to install and bright my teeth really well on. The best part is that you have to wear this just 5 minutes. MFG Andreas
  • Tips Product from Australia  

    Kevin Murphy Young.Again, Leave-In Treatment, 100ml (Health and Beauty)
    One of my favorite products. Simply unbeatable supple hair great Kämmbsrkeit. Optimal Long hair will stick to it and also order the conditioner height price is justified lasts forever.
  • Best HWS rail market  

    Laerdal Stifneck® SelectTM Adults (Personal Care)
    The Stifneck is simply the best HWS rail market. It is lightweight, compact and extremely easy to use. A 2-minute introduction is more than adequate (there probably even on youtube). In the four occasions where I have used them (two of which were pri
  • Great shave, but I had probably a Monday model  

    Parker 96R Butterfly Open Double razor blades and Shark Chrome (Health and Beauty)
    I shave else with a Feather 800, Parker 99R Parker M22 Interceptor or an old Gillette Superspeed of 1950 and wanted to use this as a second planer Parker to test other blades so. All are Butterflies. So far so good, technically, visually and haptical
  • Interesting solution  

    JOLTA® / SCHAFER dry / wet Handstaubsauger
    Small hand vacuum cleaner with good performance. Also interesting is the wet function, so what I did not know. Well suited for small areas and and narrow areas.
  • overwhelmed  

    JOLTA® / SCHAFER dry / wet Handstaubsauger
    If something falls over while cooking or fall off, you can quickly aufsaugen.jeder it knows to cut bread or rolls and are there a thousand jagged crumbs sucked away. The vacuum cleaner also has real power is as that made really sucked away. Price / p
  • Correct spare parts ordered cumbersome.  

    Braun 31B spare shear part combination pack (Personal Care)
    First of all: Unfortunately, you have only to the side of Brown, to look for the correct replacement part information. So you can then directly but find the right item. Why here not directly specify the model name of all razors. Whether the error in
  • Surmounted quality  

    Myprotein Creatine Monohydrate unflavoured, 1er Pack (1 x 500 g) (Health and Beauty)
    Those looking for a flawless product in the area reserved creatine is the right place. Quality and price is right. The only thing I would not recommend is the type of packaging. As would a bucket with screw cap the better option (but no reason to sta
  • I love it pink!  

    Gillette Venus Breeze razor SPA (Health and Beauty)
    I had bought recently a Venus razor, because I wanted to think outside the box. I was actually the last years very happy with my Wilkinson Intuition razor. The Venus-blades are very sharp, but are nevertheless well protected in the essay. That's impo
  • Good epilator 1  

    Braun SE 7-561 epilators Silk-épil 7 Legs and Body, Wet / Dry (Personal Care)
    I had already tested various epilators different manufacturers, including Panasonic ES-ED90-P503 wet and Trockenepilierer and Philips the HP6420 / 00 - with very changeable results and impressions. Compared to two models, the Braun SE 7561 is an impr
  • leaves nothing to be desired 2  

    Rowenta CF8360 Hot Air dry brush Multi Glam / 4 Papers / Ionic function (Personal Care)
    When the brush is my first product from Rowenta and I am pleasantly surprised. For relatively little money, you get not only a lot but also throughout usable quality here. In addition to the brush un the 5 papers is also a big, black bag with zipper,