A beautiful clock but be careful!

A beautiful clock but be careful!

Emporio Armani Mens Watch AR2434 Classic (clock)

Customer Review

First of all: This is not my first clock from the house of Armani!

I received this clock today, very nice piece, well finished.
BUT: Both the clocks I bought in the past was a certificate of authenticity here. This is unfortunately not the case.

The clock is not in its original state.
At first it struck me that the case is fully tapped.
After opening the package, I saw a very beautiful clock which however in a plastic bag (!) Was wrapped.
At the crown, the protective film is missing.

That's enough for me to return to the clock and put the authenticity into question.
Where is the certificate? Why is such a clock in a small plastic bag?
One Armani clock not worthy!

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