A first successful novel, giggles guaranteed!

A first successful novel, giggles guaranteed!

My life, my ex and other calamities (Paperback)

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As part of my November under the sign of a diet my PAL, I have a little romance out chick-lit from the bottom of my library. Chick-bed sleeping there since September and I must say i had a great time despite a tiny flat which I will discuss in the end.

My Life, My Ex and other calamities is the first in a young French writer novel (crowing) Marie Vareille. And a first novel quite well. We follow the adventures of Juliette the same day gets dumped, is put at the door and fired from his job. Yes, we are okay that's a lot in one fell swoop. This is how what is found squatting with her best friend, engulfing chocolates on chocolate before Gossip Girl (I'm okay we've seen better as a series but let's face it we all watched the series almost Completion end) (in any case I plead guilty) (but this is the fault of Nate Archibald).

Until she found the motivation to do something else going on a trip to the Maldives in order to spy on her boyfriend. I pointed you what so unemployed not really great income, but she had more quen phobia of the aircraft? Yes yes, it smells bad idea full nose Although it will perhaps manage to win back his ex or meet the love of his life? But that, I will not tell you, if you want to know, you do Quà read the book!

Jai liked the dynamic pen Marie Vareille. It is not sennuie one minute, giggles a lot, you smile as much. I really enjoyed myself from start to finish. The characters are really in the style that I love. Juliette, this is the chick-lit heroine perfect, a little dumpling but does not let walk the well, with a good character. The male hero is also at the height of what one can expect from this kind of novel. The secondary characters are a little less present. They are friendly, funny or detestable and suddenly jaurai enjoyed seeing a little bit but then I make my difficult.

So i had a great time but jai a little flat compared to the end. In fact, this novel, I found lai too short (which is quite positive that means I liked my). The end comes too quickly, too easily for my taste. Dailleurs, I was surprised during my reading, I thought "thin, given the number of pages remaining, this is almost finished and it will suddenly be folded too quickly." And indeed, this is folded too quickly. So I'm not saying the end is not good. Instead, I found lai great, super touching, a little squeaky, so funny and romantic. But paradoxically, it happens too quickly (yes then when jy think, I told myself that if she wasnt arrived so quickly, she might have had less squeaky). But it still lacks a bit of consistency on the end.

Always it is that this is a very nice first time for Marie Vareille and that it is absolutely certain that I will read his next works!

Gossipment Yours,

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