Books in French


  • Too basic, too simple, monotonous  

    Magic Coloring (Paperback)
    As soon open, big disappointment: the coloring pages are always based on the same principle, so it's boring. We would have liked different types, rather. not impressed either by the same interest colorings, we guess even without needing to color, but
  • a quirky and surprising story  

    The ancestor (Paperback)
    When you read the first pages of this book: "The unknown is an abstraction known the desert, but the known half, the glimpse is the perfect place to curl desire and hallucination." We understand that we will read something else, a literary objec
  • Excellent 259 50 136 2001  

    Notes T9 - Few moult gold and mouth (Paperback)
    The ninth volume of Boulet notes is beautiful: golden cover, colors ... And Boulet reflections are always so funny and interesting!
  • Classical synthesis, but certainly not final  

    Poitiers. September 19, 1356 (Paperback)
    Poitiers is one of the great French defeats of the Hundred Years War. The same disaster, because the king of France was taken prisoner by the English. But Poitiers, as recalled by Georges Minois, it is also an opportunity to understand the military s
  • Yes but I already conaissais overall radius. Paper too good for me ...  

    My Bible IG (Paperback)
    Super complain book with details on the food nutrients and those to which they may serve. We learn for those who do not know that the Glycemic Index is not necessarily fast or slow Sugar sugar but the result of a component of a global food ... So the
  • Sociology out of the ordinary  

    Who's Charlie? : Sociology of religious crisis (Paperback)
    Yes! What tone unusual. But in fact it evokes hates what we whisper pensions. Again, the media have striven to marginalize such work.
  • Product complying in good condition  

    Travel to Pablo Paul (Paperback)
    Product conforms to the description in good condition. Good opportunity. As against it probably lacks a cd that came with it.
  • An Inconvenient Truth  

    Small anti-ecology treated: the use of bad players (Paperback)
    How global warming thesis was invented for live public money, how we try to scare to extend the domain of the state and increase taxes, H16 dismantles myths environmentalists, with the acidity of the verb than him know its readers on its website or C
  • Excellent work 80  

    Johan and Peewit - The Complete - tome 1 - Johan Pirlouit 1 full reissue (Album)
    Superb edition that pays tribute to this hero of our childhood. It costs around 20 for 3 albums, so it's cheaper than buying them separately. In addition it takes up less space in the shelf and third good point, you are entitled to information on the
  • Browse .... and let yourself ...  

    Quiet days, brief encounters (Paperback)
    Take a photo album with a little yellowed, Look at the places, people, situations and, Let yourself be carried by the writing Deve Babitz (born in 1943) who tells you "his" America. This collection is a painting of the art world of the 1970s in
  • A second volume darker but equally delicious  

    Scandals, Volume 2: A neighbor dark (Paperback)
    Having loved the first volume, A pariah Viscount, I was really looking forward to reading this series and I have not been disappointed even if he is a tone below because of all short lengths at some point (but tiny to the point I nen speak more in th
  • A very good idea  

    The diary of Alice - Volume 1 Part (Paperback)
    Beautiful discovery that this "Alice newspaper", which seems to be the first in a series that apparently already has a dozen titles. On the model of diary, so dear to many children, especially girls if I'm not mistaken, there are all the ingredi
  • In the ideal scientific library, here: "La Plante" ...  

    The Plant: Lessons to my son on botany (Paperback)
    After I pissed course uninteresting novels, I felt the need to immerse myself in a more stimulating reading. The centenary of the death of Jean Henri Fabre (1823 - 1915) gave me the opportunity and I celebrated my way by reading "La Plante lessons to
  • HEP, CAB!  

    Follow this ball ... Next year it will be at two speeds: the Thunées teams (3 teams including two on the bench) with an Ugly side and Jojo and his Rock Club Terrifying against Mammon and Boys (ASM, SF RM, Section P, MHR) Featuring Teams (ST, UBB, FCG
  • FINALLY !! 69  

    Francois Mitterrand: Portrait of an ambiguous (Paperback)
    The publication of this biography, England, end of 2014, had made a critical and chronic. Happiness, therefore, to see it translated into French and FINALLY, we are entitled to a solid biography of a key figure by an author who is not French (but was
  • In fact c is the picture of mutt that makes me read  

    The red collar (Paperback)
    Actually this is the picture of mutt that makes me read. Regard attentive, intelligent, expressive. Much more interesting than most humans. The first lines remind me Parable of Faulkner. But no, there isnt the same metaphysical dimension than the oth
  • Cakes to dream of!  

    PRINCESS CAKES (Paperback)
    ! It does not stop eating, of course For a small fee, this book presents the revenue (single, multiple variants with sponge cake, pastry cream, butter cream and marzipan decor) and not step to achieve all décoration.J'ai purchased simultaneously Mold
  • It is not a learning grammar book. French is "chopped" or "cut"  

    Essential Grammar in Use / Basic Grammar of the English Language (Paperback)
    A beginner can use this book as there are translations into French. The pages of grammar lessons, left side are quite playful with illustrations by ending up against difficulties if one seeks a grammatical rule. Pages on the right, these are the exer
  • superb 1123  

    Legend (Paperback)
    David Gemmel one of my favorite authors! Legend is simply a marvel lets her read his travel makes us laugh crying, very well built very well written. If you are sensitive you I déconsseille his book parsqu'il must acrocher is often war with all its w
  • Write simple and easy language ...  

    Who are these happy couples? Overcoming the crises and conflicts of the couple (Paperback)
    This is a very good book that will talk about all the problems that are encountered in a couple. Although the title suggests that it has the happy couple they are not happy with the perfect sense, they just give themselves the conditions necessary to