A super Bluetooth keyboard with multi-touch operation.  Unfortunately, the envelope is still room for improvement.

A super Bluetooth keyboard with multi-touch operation. Unfortunately, the envelope is still room for improvement.

LEICKE Sharon Galaxy Tab 10.5 S protective case with removable keyboard and integrated multi-touch touchpad | German QWERTZ layout (Electronics)

Customer Review

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I want / you describe to you here my experience with the Leicke Sharon set of protective pouch and removable Bluetooth keyboard for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.5 S.

The set comes in a very high quality finish cardboard packaging.
Here you can see directly the qualitative claim of the manufacturer.

It comes with a black protective case with magnetic closure, the keyboard, a micro-USB cable and a quick guide in German / English.

The surface of the shell is the outside very high quality synthetic leather.
This actually feels almost like cowhide and visually the replica is very well done.
Chemical fumes, I could not find fortunately.

The magnetic closure is color coded red.

The casing interior is composed of a neoprene-type, non-slip plastic, the cradle allowing the Tab S of a gray-brownish hard plastic.
The Tab S is simply pushed to the upper side in this shell and then click below.
After that it is securely housed in the shell.

Unfortunately, my minor fit deviations are noticed.
So the microphone at the bottom is almost hidden, when one speaks of above.
Even the SIM card slot and the microSD slot are no longer open. If the SIM card I think that not so bad, the micro-SD card is safe but often times removed / inserted, as you should have direct access.
On the top you get though to the on / off switch and volume rocker, but the receiving tray is also here not perfectly matched, you "rub" your finger over the edge. Here the front recess should be slightly more pronounced.

The shell weighs a whopping 434 grams and thus, unfortunately, almost as much as the Tab S itself.
In the "wrapped" state the Tab S is of course super protected by this very sturdy bag.

Open for me is still how to transport both tablet and keyboard in the shell, without compromising the display of the tablet.
The keyboard does have on the back and four on the top two rubber feet but whether the secure enough, the display I do not think so.
Here my request to Leicke, also this point in the guide with take.

The Tab S can be set up through the bottom floating receiving dish anywhere on the neoprene-type inside.
However, there are no clear clicks / notches which still improve the grip and specify a fixed specifications for meaningful viewing angle.
With this point inserted keyboard does not stand out as both the cover and the keyboard have built magnet and the keyboard is being held, which then forms a good support for the tablet.
But I think you do not always drags around with the keyboard and then setting up a simple tablet is not no problem if a flatter viewing angle is desired.
Then the tablet slips away quickly forward.

The Sharon Bluetooth keyboard falls one directly through the built-in multi-touch panel in the eye.
Something I have not seen in such keyboards and I was curious how the field works.

The Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard is 24cm wide, 17cm deep, only 6mm in height and weighs 269 grams.

It is made on the front of matte black plastic. The back consists of a black painted metal (aluminum I guess).

The pairing / coupling works perfectly.
Just the on / off switch on the left side activate, press "Connect" with the FN key and then connect as usual with the smartphone / tablet. There is a device called "Leicke" appears, then just enter the number displayed string on the keyboard, press Return / Enter and you're done. Prima!

This works the way with all smartphones / tablets that I have here at home in the access (including Note 3, S 5, S Tab 10.5, Tab 4 8.0).

The successful coupling is then always immediately available when they brought the respective device with Bluetooth activated in the vicinity of the keyboard.

Even the Standby the keyboard works great, after 10 minutes, the keyboard switches itself off, but a keypress it awakens directly on again. Prima!
Although she works very energy efficient (45 hours continuously, up to 60 days in standby) but you can switch the keyboard better to use than the on / off switch, otherwise unnecessary battery power is consumed.

The internal Lithium-Ion battery with 500 mAh can be charged via the also left attached microUSB port and the included microUSB cable in over 2.5 hours to 3 hours.
The charging process is indicated by a red lamp to the right of the Connect button (Name "batch").
Apparently there is no battery warning, because my keyboard was no longer operable at a stroke and had to be loaded from me. This warning light should be integrated or the Charge lamp will be used for this purpose.

The top row of keys has been assigned, by pressing the Fn button can the operating system and device-specific special functions are called on the bottom left.
On my Android tablet eg Home, Search, Lighten / Darken, Email, Play / Pause, Skip + / skip buttons, Vol + / Vol + and screen lock.

The bottom row of keys has some special features such as voice input, display the on-screen keyboard, etc.

Because the keyboard layout for me but totally incomprehensibly in the accompanying Quick Start Guide (by the way in German and English) will be explained in any way and also download the special key assignment on the manufacturer's homepage could not explain all keys, I tried perforce by each key.
Most of them were self-explanatory.
But openly continue the assignments on the 4 (cut?), The 5 (copy?), The 6 (Insert?), Alt and AltGr (keyboard layout) Back-arrow to the left of the space bar (touch pad on / off?).
These are according to me already some question marks too much.
Here I would like to see a more detailed list of Leicke.

- Update:
Leicke has reported on the issue quickly with me. It is placed on the home page a current function overview of the special keys. Great service!
And my suspicions to the open functions are obviously true ... :-)
- Update the end

If you have the Bluetooth connection is successfully made, it can be great to work with the keyboard.
The pressure points are extremely good and easy to read keys are comfortably far apart.
A numeric keypad with buttons such as removal, position 1 etc. are but on this keyboard not available.

The range of the direct connection is good 7-9 meters, between two rooms with 3-5 meters, it comes with me to disconnections.
Thus, the keyboard also for example, be used with televisions or media players.

A highlight of the keyboard is sure the multi-touch field.
The reasons given in the product description features like click, right-click, move, return, scroll, zoom, page up / down function well.
However, for example, when scrolling and zooming but determine significant delays.
My Tab S is indeed a very powerful device, because one can see the difference from the internal touch screen of the tablet but very clear.
Nevertheless, these functions are extremely practical and bring my Tab S close to a normal notebook. Class!

I highly recommend this Leicke total recommended set of Bluetooth Keyboard and Case for Tab S.
You can clearly feel the high standard of the manufacturer's quality and functionality (on the homepage and in contact with the support).

The package would get in a neat envelope from me immediately earned 5 stars.
However, the tablet shell is rather average but succeeded while the keyboard if one knows all the key functions and multi-touch gestures and uses an absolute highlight is.
Here Leicke should urgently deploy a complete Quick Start Guide.
- Update: see above -

A highlight would certainly also a key illumination, which would make the keyboard properly "round"

So I give good four stars for this product

I hope this review could assist you in your buying decision

Lousy spare parts service Rank: 1/5
December 8
super! 1663 Rank: 5/5
April 7
Daniel Bedingfield Rank: 5/5
January 12
Good value in 1217 prices Rank: 5/5
May 21
Solidity and quality 1 Rank: 4/5
August 21

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