A well-researched book by a professor at Al-Azhar University

A well-researched book by a professor at Al-Azhar University

Jesus and Mohammed: deep differences and surprising similarities (Paperback)

Customer Review

The purpose of a book is to tell the truth. In this case, it is the case here.
This book is very well researched and written by an expert in Islam who converted to Christianity and who knows whereof he speaks.
Unfortunately this is far from being the only Muslim to have been threatened with death or torture. Many others have been killed because of their questioning. What troubles zones in Islam!
Instead of getting constructive responses, many other sincere Muslims like him have had no choice but to leave their country to survive.
This book compares with the life of Jesus meticulously written by eyewitnesses and with that much later Muhammad and his writings.
Particularly enlightening for Muslims who are searching for truth rather than ideology accompanied by draconian sentences. It is easy to read and informative.

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