almost unearthly beautiful

almost unearthly beautiful

Music for a While-Improvisations on Purcell (Audio CD)

Customer Review

That L'Arpeggiata could surprise even more than before already, is a great pleasure! Also at the 15th through listening takes the magic that this sound spread, rather too. Without exception, with very great ease and musicality music all involved on this album. That one with the tines can also jazz, Doron Sherwin has previously shown impressively here he mixes the sound of his instrument as surprising as empathetic with the clarinet of Gianluigi Trovesi, to name only 2 musicians explicitly. With the selection of the singers also like uneingeschränklt well. In "Strike the Viol" that can be heard as the theme piece of the album, Raquel Andueza holds a joy almost trembling tone with such great stimulative nature until the very last Tacktschlag by that one can hardly remain sitting quietly while listening, whereas it Queen Didod's dying aria "When I am laid in earth" cools down to vibrato Wi Midnight Jazz. Philippe Jaroussky, who really sounds more and more beautiful, the great castrati of the Baroque will probably come very close final, but it was just the simple melodies (though by Handel), the z. B. the glory Senesino made final immortal. Just a few sounds in "Music for a while" to ban ... use up then slowly and gently always jazzy sounds mesmerize final one. And in contrast to him sounds Vincenzo Capezzuto somehow between pop and folk and enriches the tonal range of colors this CD with fast, also scarcely sitting quietly to be heard pieces ("One charming night"). Taken together, the CD is surprising, convincing and a very great pleasure! All questions, whether one may the whether the Purcell is or fit to his music, in my opinion, unnecessary at the first hearing. In baroque music should be so often taken very loose and for entertainment, to eat, to dance, to seduction, to spot ... So: buy this disc necessarily !!

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March 31
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May 31
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September 12
Titanium case, a new era !!! Rank: 5/5
March 18

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