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  • The lance must be broken!  

    Wild Mind (Limited Deluxe Edition) (Audio CD)
    I am absolutely not a fan of reviews. Here, however, I can not stand this many bad reviews! I summarize about as short as possible: After the first time listening, I thought ok, that does not sound completely by Mumford. After the second pass, I noti
  • Ultimate Collection, the Falco  

    Ultimate Collection, The (Audio CD)
    This has been a Birthday Wish my grandchild - a real Falko fan! Compared with other vendors a really good price Leistungsverhältnis.Er will rejoice sure about it! The processing my order and shipment by the dealer took place very quickly - a clear re
  • So far last important Peter Gabriel album!  

    Us (Audio CD)
    Proud six years it took Gabriel's most commercially successful album "SO (1986) to be followed by a successor (leaving aside from the way, very ingenious instrumental soundtrack album" Passion "(1989) from) .With" us "he was the e
  • Edel-Reggae, now with more keyboards and funky brass  

    Ghost in the Machine (Audio CD)
    Supposedly Arthur Koestler's "ghost in the machine" have also been modeled content. Strong music in the policy-machine there was 1981, anyway. To put a label also hard for me: ska, reggae, rock, punk, funk, new wave. However, it was copied quick
  • When will feel better?  

    Bravo Hits Vol.89 (Audio CD)
    CD 1 is reasonably ok, but as has already been written listen to the entire house tracks (and I like the style of music really, even if everything was getting better as previously) now all the same to. CD 2 is mainly for nothing - my "highlight"
  • Holmes  

    Sherlock Holmes - The new cases - Case 14: The Bible solid murderer (Audio CD)
    The new cases of Scherlock Holmes are as already the original cases just awesome. A must for Holmes fans.
  • CD: Sirenia - The 7th life path (or so)  

    The Seventh Life Path (Limited First Edition) (Audio CD)
    Dear Tomas, now it has happened, I had warned you and told you yes, thou begin you make an effort! Unfortunately, it worked not so great with your new album, it has become really good from the Sirenia. You do exactly what I and all the fans expect, b
  • One million for riot-City  

    One million for riot-City - A blast in the Wild West / The complete 11-part radio drama series (Pidax radio play classics) (Audio CD)
    Instead learn for school, you can just as well go on adventures in the Wild West. This is at least the idea of ​​Bob when he emigrating from home. Having read a lot about the Wild West hero Lasso Joe and Pistol Jim, he is certain that this is the lif
  • Marc Marshall like as a soloist  

    The Perfect Affair (Audio CD)
    As a huge fan of Marshall & Alexander you are not totally thrilled by the idea of ​​the two great solo voices. But of course, Marc is second to none with his solo CD. A great voice, sassy lyrics and upbeat music characterize this CD. Congratulations
  • Bought for my sister  

    Mega Hits 2015 the first (audio CD)
    Since I myself am not a fan of modern umbedingt pop music I rate here only the presentation of the product and seemed very harmonious and the mixture is - so my sister - also super.
  • live and cd  

    El Pintor (Audio CD)
    they live really unappealing but the music of the band's always awesome ... is probably one of my personal "must have" like all other slices of Interpol also ...
  • Great music and atrocious tone  

    Van Halen - Tokyo Dome In Concert (Audio CD)
    I am VAN HALEN fan since the beginning and was looking forward to a live CD! Unfortunately, the recording quality does not match what is feasible today. There are remastered "Altalben" excellent quality, but this album is an impertinence. Buy so
  • The Amigos skills easy!  

    The best - Platinum Edition (2 CDs with great successes of Amigos) including the hits. I'll go for you through the fire, Then came an angel, The white ship leaves the port (Audio CD)
    The delivery came quickly in a small letter Packaging Amazon. Our grandmother like the music very much and often listened to the CD. The price is very fair for 30 songs. Recommendation from me.
  • From search and (occasional) find happiness  

    Creation (Audio CD)
    Endowed with equal two "birthday edition" ECM Keith Jarrett seventieth, with this one and appeared on ECM New Series release of two in the mid-1980s, rehearsed piano concertos by Samuel Barber and Béla Bartók. The latter I find the more interest
  • Holy Moly! The album breaks everything.  

    Eighth Day (Audio CD)
    I hear Genetikk for quite some time. That since the release of the fetus is in the detail already in '11. What I've always loved about their sound 'is the fleet-footed Groove while listening. Although often more serious aspects of life are addressed,
  • Again an increase  

    Traffic Lights (2-Track) (Audio CD)
    Remarkable. Gegnüber Stardust another increase. What a stroke of luck that we have a German artist who is on the amount of time, and the only one that is not a one-hit wonder or tends to folk music. This catchy tune is not hasty but the result of har
  • Civil War - the Second!  

    Gods & Generals (Limited Edition) (Audio CD)
    Was the debut album of the Swedes of "Civil War" for me still a surprise hit, so the expectations for the second output were nevertheless already higher. Often, indeed the successor of a convincing debut not really meet the expectations and
  • The CD is a must for any fan ESC u. Which that there are not!  

    Very Best of Euro Vision Song Contest-60th Anniv. (Audio CD)
    Only winners on the CD? Is it boring, one yet knows not alle.Hier find also second places and further placed, but almost all known titles. Here are a few rare and lesser-known songs. There is also a colorful mix of German songs which also successfull
  • Boom zazaza!  

    Mintgold (LTD. Zazaza Box) (Audio CD)
    With huge expectations been waiting for the album, and not disappointed. Incredibly good album and incredibly nice guy, the Sadi Gent. Thank you for the music!
  • This is the Hammer  

    Traffic Lights (2-Track) (Audio CD)
    I am so very happy with just about everything * - * the package was there as it had to be there and Lena has shown the world what it has so it simply ingenious