An AOC novel of great Amédée Origin Class

An AOC novel of great Amédée Origin Class

Tears of Pankration (Paperback)

Customer Review

After Cemetery swallows which definitively imposed Amédée Mallock (author and his namesake character) in the universe of the thriller, the new novel Tears of Pankration drives the point (nay the stake!).

Mallock beautifully illustrates that it is possible to combine entertainment and ambition. Because there are few novels that at this point deserve lappellation of "literary thriller." Literary clearly as the author imposes a dune extreme wealth pen. Certainly ambitious with this story with multiple ramifications.

The Commissioner finds Mallock relocated in the Bordeaux region and immersed in a story where the wine takes an important place, almost a character in itself.

As usual, the author decanted its history, which proceeds step by step, away from the frantic pace of most of today's thrillers. A plot damn well built, beautifully built, bold desire, which takes us several centuries (ambitious, I tell you!).

A story which therefore has its roots in the distant past, but remains deeply contemporary. Mallock took the opportunity to revisit the old principle of polar quest murder in close dune rather original way room.

Premium history, and especially a particular focus character and atypical Commissioner. A cop who has body, very round, who knows the WHEN IT must be acidic, full-bodied character and didnt like him to chamber its congeners.

Because Mallock Commissioner didnt his tongue in his pocket (including WHEN IT launches into discussions with itself), making them particularly spicy verbal jousting. A "splenetic old bear" (in the words of the author) yet particularly endearing.

And this pen! Unique, dizzying, heady and so rich! A thriller writer unconventional, truly.

This is therefore a new and admirable success that these Tears of Pankration (up coverage, beautiful), an exceptional wine whose taste remains in the mouth after the last page is turned.

An AOC novel Amédée original high class.

Wonderful shelf Rank: 5/5
September 30
Does what it says! 44 Rank: 5/5
January 4
Good for your smartphone Rank: 5/5
September 5
Important Utensiel Rank: 5/5
May 13
To find Reba summit Rank: 5/5
May 25

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