An interesting book to talk about the night and make it less intimidating, an indestructible size

An interesting book to talk about the night and make it less intimidating, an indestructible size

Night (Hardcover)

Customer Review

Content that the question of the tower (each page offers a new dimension: historical and wildlife and urban and rustic ... to finish on the sleeping child under the watchful eye of his mother and his cat who watch). It reassures the child streamlining its perception of the night, he learns to understand and fun to their perception that changes in the night instead of being captivated by their fear. Just coverage leads to a long explanation of my 3 year old son: the little girl heard "ooh" outside, she was scared because she thought it was a show, she called his big brother for help and courageously he went for a lamp and lit out ... and oh it was not a show, just a cute owl! now she is reassured and goes to sleep! This book is a bit stingy with explanations, a sentence or two on each spread, so the parents to add explanations, but it is not worse because it allows to adjust the level of the child. For example with my 3 year old, move fast on the first page that speaks Greek and dwell on the nocturnal and diurnal animals, the nightlife in the city, making noise and light (pinpon of ambulance, car lights, barking dogs ..., transport continue to carry passengers ...). When he's older we can evolve the explanations to better address certain issues which currently exceed it. Laminated pages that resist the repeated assaults of my little 1 year (who loves his illustrations and bring me the book and turn the pages with delight for me to appoint him). In short, I recommend this book dice 1 year, it will last. As against that the moon does not bring all that and after reading a few tests we did longer opens, it lacks the richness of the one on the night, too bad.

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