an original book 1

an original book 1

The Tiger Woman (Paperback)

Customer Review

It's not really my usual kind of reading, but I do not regret having opened this book. The most surprising is that there is no plot. Finally, no plot in the sense generally understood. This is a family saga where a girl recounts the life of his grandfather and especially his childhood inextricably linked to "the wife of the tiger." This reading, ultimately, is a succession of stories where we can not really separate the true from the false, and that more than once made me smile. Starting my reading I did not know what to expect, and that's the surprise discovery that makes the charm of this novel, I would say to you no more '

The main interest of this book is that it finally allowed me to discover a culture, a way of life, a particular context but above beliefs, because it is a very superstitious people we present Téa Obreht. They are ready to believe many things, even what is difficult "credible." For example, the story of the man-who-does-not-die. Very interesting it reminded me of a story of my youth and the title "honorary" is very explicit 'but one can hardly believe that this is possible.

Character level, Natalia was touching and interesting. I enjoyed discovering the country and its culture as she tells us his own story. It is more down-to-earth than its congeners so I liked to see be confronted with stories and legends of his people. It is a full-depth character like the grandfather who 'through the eyes of his granddaughter' seemed really friendly to me.

In the end, it's a pleasant reading, but it does not still leave me a lasting memory. I think the lack of "intrigue" is for something even though I was very interested to read this book to learn more about this people and this region.

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