Awesome!  7128 6813

Awesome! 7128 6813

Instant Pot IP-LUX60 - Electric Pressure Cooker 6-in-1 fully automatic, multi-function, 6-liter, stainless steel (Kitchen)

Customer Review

In less than a week, it has become indispensable in my kitchen!
I use almost every day.

At first sight, one could translate it as an electric pressure cooker but it is much more than that.

He stews but the advantage is that you can fry the food beforehand.
It makes soups and cooking is perfect with very little vapor release (unlike a pressure cooker).
It keeps perfectly warm without it sticking to the bottom of the tank.
It steamed and there, big surprise on the quality of the cooking, the appearance of vegetables is preserved unlike a pressure cooker or even a simple steamer basket.
He cooked rice and serves rice cooker. Rice in no way stick to the tank.
It is also a slow cooker crockpot style.

The tank is large (6 liters) and passes vaisselle.L'appareil lava is very robust. I enjoyed the stainless steel finish and the 10 security systems appareil.Je did not like the plastic look and gadget from its competitors which are also much more expensive.
It is also very quiet and the lid opening is very easy.

With its programming system, it is the ideal device for coming home and finding a ready meal.
(On the device instructions are in English but you can download the manual in French on their website)

Regarding the cooking time, a sacred energy economy!

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