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  • 810 Middle  

    Nuit des Vosges 2091052 Plate Celine Mattress Protector Waterproof Cotton White 190 x 140 cm (Housewares)
    The mattress is the case, but it hurt like in bed because it is held by 4 elastic at the corners, it's pretty annoying on fairly thick matellas ...
  • Perfect January 2553  

    Herding 248571063 Duvet Jana Zebra Beige linen pillowcase 40 x 60 cm + duvet cover 100 x 135 cm (Kitchen)
    Nice pattern, colors perfectly match the room deco ... No Rabat but closing at the foot of the cover with buttons ... very satisfied ...
  • very good product for the maintenance of coffee makers  

    Cleaning Tablets for coffee machines 30 pellets of 2.0 g - compatible with coffee machines and espresso as well as vending machines for drinks Jura, WMF, Saeco, Bosch, Siemens, Delonghi, Melitta, Miele - Produced in Germany - Purchase without risk
    I use these cleaning pellets for my Melitta coffee Caffeo, the result is perfect for a price imbattable.Je recommend this product, Verily.
  • paint by number 6  

    DIY digital canvas painting decoration oil by numbers kits Savior Jesus 16 * 20 inches. (Toy)
    it's very hard to do because it is a character or rather two but I love painting so I'm happy thank you very much
  • Gillette / Brita same struggle, that of perpetual renewal.  

    Brita Brita faucet filter ONTAP 1200L White (Kitchen)
    Captive market, obligation to shave as to hydrate every day, so no more reason than most cutting blade Gillette long as the first two shaves a OnTap faucet lasts longer than the battery inside. Amusing also from Amazon to offer a pack of 5 batteries
  • and there was light 10  

    Incandescent bulbs Philips 60W E27 1000h, lot 10 (kitchen)
    Excellent light bulb that illuminates very well as a REAL bulb old, it changes the crap that everyone wants to impose whereas multinational Monsanto style continues to rot our planet on a large scale, we should not always blame the sheep by imposing
  • At the top. 453 January 41  

    De Buyer 8359.20 Tail Removable Bakelite 'Velvet Touch' Verte (Kitchen)
    I ordered with this handle in a series of pan buyer and I'm a fan. Solid and I hope to be invested for a very long duration;
  • 5 stars? She deserves 6!  

    Krups EA8258 Coffee and espresso (Kitchen)
    Okay I have no experience evil in the purchase and use of this type of machine and the one I can say it is top. I was going to lose a star for packaging, but she returned because she is 6 ... I just had a Delonghi perfecta over 400 euros .... The cof
  • Butterflies 1  

    Lot 12 wall stickers Butterflies 3D (Purple) (Kitchen)
    I recently ordered these butterflies, The colors correspond well enough to the original image, butterflies are pretty certain resemble real (except they are plastic, of course). They are indeed with magnets, but no panic in the envelope there are lit
  • Very average finishes, occasional use only, tearing the first wash ...  

    Interior Mattresses Protects 1640076 Softness Fleece Kingdom White 140 x 190 cm (Kitchen)
    Very average quality of cotton lint in the first wash ... It is clear that the frame will wear in a year on areas of friction. In addition, the elastic is not well sewn hem was sloppy, so the seams, and the spring, were defeated in sensitive areas (w
  • Nice 1810  

    Boska 852,040 Partyclette Taste To Go (Kitchen)
    It's a bit pricey for what it is, but not only does it work well and there is no constraint of space, or connection, you can even make a squeegee in nature with that!
  • Very disappointed this product Bialetti  

    Bialetti Cafetire espresso / mocha Capacity 3 cups Alu / Black (Kitchen)
    I am very amateur way Bialetti coffee machine. This is my 4th Bialetti. - Although there are still several uses me daluminium chips in the cafe .. I hope that after a 50 coffee it will FINALLY longer the case ... (normally after 3 uses there is more
  • Fixed hems fusible  

    Korbond - hem tape 10m (Kitchen)
    great for making a hem on a solid .Très jeans after washing at 40 ° and move to dryer.
  • utensil meat tenderizer  

    Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel tenderiser Meat / Meat Hammer (Kitchen)
    This "tool" of food is super convenient, high quality and more super easy to clean, we use very often, really great
  • execellent product  

    Trait-Tech®DC-803 2015 New Digital Thermometer hygrometer Large LCD Indoor & Outdoor Temperature changeable in Celsius and Fahrenheit With Daily Alarm Function With Support (Kitchen)
    Works perfectly .Malgré I do not master English setting became the facilement.Je recommends. Knowing what one might require whether written in any language.
  • Baby curtain  

    Amscan International decorative curtain 6 strings Nursery Rose (Kitchen)
    Cool baby girl is pretty curtain with her little feet and another for the baptism of my daughter
  • So .. 2  

    Ultranatura Mosquito Luna (Garden)
    I do not have time to write comments every time I criticize a product. I attributed the rating reflects my opinion.
  • Cute 73  

    From mold Biscuit / Cake / Pastry In Drawing Of Panda (Kitchen)
    Instructions in Japanese. I do not understand how that works. My niece plays with but not for cooking
  • Perfect. 1 14203  

    Failure Warranty 3 years for Small Appliances (350 399.99 EUR) (Kitchen)
    To take again ... After two years, my coffee machine of 400 euros down, rapid care and refund without fuss, no â seek any reason not to pay, no compensation, and they repay period!
  • The original 9 1  

    Dyson DC33C Origin Bagless Bag Radial Root Cyclone Technology Warranty 5 years Grey / Yellow (Kitchen)
    The vacuum cleaner without original bag! Super good suction, well thought out, delivered with all the accessories and an extended warranty. The only negative is that it takes a little too much to my taste. Very satisfied with my purchase.