Battlefield - The Master of the Online Games?

Battlefield - The Master of the Online Games?

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Uncut) (Video Game)

Customer Review

In March it was finally over!
Then of many long-awaited Battlefield - Bad Company 2 was finally in the player Egalen!
Battlefield has always been known for its thrilling online matches and also so popular.
But how is the new part? If the online mode is as good to designate Battle Feild as the best Online Game? And what really makes the story?
I hope I can answer them this question in the next line!

I share my review into the following parts:
Graphics, story, controls, online mode? Special engine? and other things.

The graphics in Battlefield can certainly be described as successful.
Housing, as well as bushes are well represented and sometimes very detailed, but do not quite manage to connect with the class einens Uncharted 2 or Assassins Creed 2.
What in my opinion is not particularly bad, because the scale of our day and age it met fully.
The people and especially the arms are shown in great detail to give the developers have added a lot of trouble especially when the weapon looks directly.
Another positive aspect is having the graphic in the story as well in online mode no major differences.
Since vehicles are again included in the game, I will mention them briefly.
To make it short and sweet: These are OK. You knock on the graphic to anyone, but quite sufficient to properly mitzufiebern in the game.
My only criticism is that the faces of the Characktere always have the same facial expressions and act as a bit boring, which I think the game experience but not impaired.

The story itself is how I would put it, rather an addition.
As mentioned above, the graphics are perfectly fine.
With a running time of circa.9 hours this is a little fall short, but is still for a touch of humor always an experience.
Unfortunately, the game's story is nothing special. A little Rushen and massive Ballerein determine here the end of the story, which seems a little uncreative.
But since I am a Battlefield friend who has it in for the online mode, like many others, that is to cope with and I see the story as a small gift.

To control there is actually not much to say.
After a few online matches or story missions you have this plan quickly, so you do not have to settle long.
It is similar to a few keys on the control of Modern Warfare. 2

Now we come to the online mode:
And I can tell you: Here you can expect a cracker at its finest!
First is to say that one can choose between a total of 4 different classes:
Paramedics, pioneer, Assault and Recon.
Each class has received donated another arsenal, so that each class its drawbacks, as both advantages.
In addition to the various weapons, you have also the possibility to equip this arbitrarily.
Here you can choose, for example, if you want to have more ammunition with penetrating power or rather prefer shoot less distortion when.
One sees the Battlefield is designed very extensive and can cause so much fun.
The great thing is that you have not unlocked from the beginning all the weapons and attachments. These are typically only be made with the relevant class by points and are released gradually.
Also there are some additional weapons obtained by achieving higher ranks receive, such as a shotgun.
In total there are 50 ranks.
What can not be missing, the possibilities are to come at all on points.
These multiple game modes such as Conquest or Rush offered (there are more), which can also be played on Hard Mode.
I myself prefer the conquest mode, as are sowhl tactics as well as teamwork in the foreground here, but since each itself should form his opinion.

Special Engine:
Yes, the developers have a special engine used in the game. This allows both the story, as well as in online mode building completely destroy and to bring them to collapse. Also players can be buried under the rubble.
But to destroy the building, it takes more than a pistol or a rifle. Especially here, the advantage lies in the hands of pioneers, which can destroy any problems with these rocket launchers. However, other classes can do this, such as grenades or a mortar strike.

-Also Trophies are included in the game that are very easy to earn in large and whole. Many are earned in the story, the other then in online mode.

- Some DLCs have been to acquire the online store, which are partially useful, others boundaries a bit of rip-off. More DLCs are to follow.

-The Game is 100 percent uncut, and this is perfectly normal also because not ausgewöhnliche things like mutilation are feasible. Even with the blood, the developers have very restrained.

My scoring + Rating:

Graphics: 8.5 / 10
Control: 9/10
Story: 6.5 / 10
Online mode: 10/10
Fun: 10/10
Note: one minus / 1-

Conclusion: All in all I can Battlefield Bad Company 2 highly recommended. The online mode is really gigantic and brings a bunch of fun with it.
But the story should be quite all times.

Handy and practical Rank: 5/5
June 24
Very poor quality 44 Rank: 1/5
March 16
Practical object 3 Rank: 4/5
September 4
Perfect 1 7144 Rank: 5/5
December 12

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