• gues game  

    Twilight Phenomena: The strange menagerie (computer game)
    as well as first game I would recommend this. It has long-lasting fun. Sometimes it's pretty scary, great
  • Bioshock 1,2,3  

    BioShock: Infinite [PEGI] - [PlayStation 3] (Video Game)
    Too bad ... Part 1.2 were better in my opinion ... the playful break here is me personally too crass ... found the expansion in Rapture then but better than the main game ... Although the socially critical, philosophical message yet again Bioshock is
  • The essence of driving  

    Gran Turismo 6 - Standard Edition - [PlayStation 3] (Video Game)
    Despite all this criticism, I must say that the developers have put the emphasis on what at GT just always was mainly relevant: The undercutting their own -or xenophobic bests solo in. The really bad part, unrealistic, race against the AI ​​or any gr
  • Increase of stupidity  

    Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition [PC Code - Origin] (Software Download)
    With "Dragon Age: Origins" Canadians have proven that the Americans have no monopoly on stupidity. With most of the additional content contained in the "Ultimate Edition" have underpinned the. Bioware has at no time even considered, th
  • Complex installation!  

    Wireless Gaming Receiver Receiver PC Game Controller for XBOX 360 PC (video game)
    At the bottom of the recession is the guide, then it also has worked for me! The included software is useless! The adapter now performs its function

    Project CARS - Limited Edition - Steelcase (exclusively at - [Xbox One] (Video Game)
    Top Simulation for professionals, hammer graphics, awesome gameplay and a great weather day or night changing system in real time. With pad not easy but when busy it moves with the times.
  • My expectations were exceeded !!! 1  

    Grand Theft Auto V - [PC] (computer game)
    The game is absolutely amazing. It's been ages since I've so long at a time on a game seats without losing interest. Rockstar has done everything right. For me ice were no problems, no bugs. For the game itself: It's the details that make the game so
  • Great game with resulting union quirks!  

    Hitman: Absolution (100% uncut) Complete Edition - [PC] (computer game)
    I find the game very well, - Great graphics - Super ambience - Varied missions, etc ... BUT: The game has several times brought my PC to crash and has left him, although I have now uninstalled the game, sometimes the image and all other activities fr
  • Great game the elements of other united!  

    Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition (Video Game)
    Reminds me a bit of a mix of Pokemon, Digimon and Candy Crush. Both Puzzles & Dragons and the Mario version of the game I have played a few hours and have to say that the original much better than the Mario variant. While it has been well implemented
  • Rally Game  

    Richard Burns Rally (Video Game)
    Super great and exciting Spiel.dies true a gift for my grandson. And he plays it still. So I would very much like to recommend.
  • Super game, Clear recommendation  

    Grand Theft Auto V [PC Download] (Software Download)
    I have GTA V already for the Playstation 3 and then brought me still time for the PC. It looks great, also not entirely new computers it runs smoothly and nicely if you screwed something to the settings anyway;) There is a strong buy recommendation,
  • Top, pure realism.  

    Project CARS - [PC] (computer game)
    5 star could not be better. Top routes, car top selection (except for a few missing top brands) and physics also top. It does not get more realistic. As the presentation is pent-up demand. It's a pity that you have a weekend break just to make small
  • Totally amazing!  

    Need For Speed: Underground [Platinum] (Video Game)
    Genial !, NFS Underground I for little money, successful could not be a presented in the tradition of The Fast and the Furious game. Graphically brings the work in fact all of Gamecube, PS2 and Xbox 1 out clear conditions prevail here, definitely age
  • Something different 31  

    Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (video game)
    I have played the Japanese version on PSP. The graphical enhancements of the HD version are really great. One would also have to polish up the cutscenes. The FF15 demo was not without.
  • Cool game for a short diversion  

    The Vanishing of Ethan Carter [PC Steam Code] (Software Download)
    + Very good graphics (as seen from matches when not designed for consoles) + Very interesting, exciting and entertaining thus Story + Semi OpenWorld + Purchase and activation without problems - Higher performance (the first game my 8GB RAM fully avai
  • Best DBZ Game since Bodukai Tenkaichi 3  

    Dragonball Xenoverse - [PlayStation 3] (Video Game)
    The game is hammer, but .... The GegnerKI sometimes seem overwhelming, while the allied AI characters can dull standing around. The control is indeed complicated, but when you get used to it, you go. My conclusion: Super game with a few quirks, but r
  • Finally a race simulation for the PS4  

    Project CARS - Limited Edition - Steelcase (exclusively at - [Playstation 4] (Video Game)
    Top race simulation and the extras of the Limited Edition makes it so much fun again. Graphics very good, Engine Sounds just everything very well. Many options available it is simply addictive.
  • But fantastic racing game is not for everyone!  

    Project CARS - [Playstation 4] (Video Game)
    So One thing first: I can understand the negative recessions here in no way understand. The operation with the joypad is absolutely fine. I needed no braking or steering assistance. What for? The Padsteuerung is extremely precise. If you do not cope
  • Control setting Xbox One Controller  

    Project CARS - [Xbox One] (Video Game)
    Prefer not to concern myself with other things, simply my control settings divulge. Was upset at the beginning about the poor driveability, YouTube videos and try something brought me to the following settings: Dead zone control: 14 Steering sensitiv
  • Racing game paradise for motor racing and Fans  

    Project CARS - [Playstation 4] (Video Game)
    Project Cars is here! First of all: Who has played GT, NFS or Forza and it was class should change enormously. Project Cars is tough, hardly forgives mistakes and sets nich at Bling Bling with great trappings as Tunning with spoiler and neon, victory