Comparison, Doro PhoneEasy 612 and Panasonic KX-TU327

Comparison, Doro PhoneEasy 612 and Panasonic KX-TU327

Doro PhoneEasy 612 GSM mobile phone clamshell (2 megapixel camera, large keys, FM radio) black-black (Electronics)

Customer Review

Since I was looking for a possible easy to use mobile phone for parents, I have bought this device because of the good reviews. Already the Panasonic KX-TU327 in front of me to compare. See also my review at the moment.
Following my previous experience, classified by points, with these devices.

Haptics: The Doro fits comfortably in your hand, great balance, ergonomics is consistent, although the Doro fails only slightly smaller than the Panasonic. It nestles so comfortably in your hand, that the emergency button can be pressed accidentally before. Triggered is this but press only after 2x quick succession, or 3 seconds and then could still be canceled within 5 seconds of the red hang-up. A slightly higher resistance, or better Lowering this key would be useful. The function of this key can also be completely deactivated. When Panasonic was a bit better solved. The overall impression but speaks clearly for the Doro, nothing wobbles, everything fits!

Keys: The keys are the Doro bit tighter than at Panasonic. The contrast of the label somewhat lower, but still very good. Has Panasonic the green and red button has a dual function, which also serve to confirm or cancel the menu items, there is this, as with mobile phones usual, the Doro own keys under the display. The function name appears on the display.

Particularly useful are these buttons to activate during a call, the speakerphone function on or off. When Panasonic one has this difficulty through a menu fight.

Ringtone selection: The selection of ringtone Doro is good, the speakers strongly, even when the phone is on the table, on the speakers. To complain there are not more than the vibrating alert, which precipitates rather weak. This can the Panasonic better, anyway, this point is clearly to Doro.

Menu structure: using a function assistantships the Basic Settings the Doro done quickly and the phone at delivery set quite useful. Functions that can not be used simply deselected and needs to be turned on again. Some features are still well hidden in the menu, so it does not go into specific cases without searching the menu. Here I could live with both models.

Sound / volume:
The intelligibility of Doro is very good. The easily adjustable on the side rocker during the call, the volume is more than sufficient. A significant advantage for the Doro.

Additional features of Doro:
The buttons A, B, C, on which the most important telephone numbers can be stored, are very handy for inexperienced seniors. After pressing the stored participant is displayed and selected after confirming with the green button once.

The built-in camera makes in good light, at least for the contact photo or souvenir pictures on display size, reasonably good pictures and is a nice toy. A proper camera can not replace natural. With intensive use a Mini SD card is required to relieve the phone memory.

The radio function works as usual, only with plugged headphones (headset) and can not be switched to speaker pity.

The phone book is structured lived within easy reach and for mobile users. The contacts can also be assigned to self-recorded pictures. For this well, the contacts must be stored in the phone memory. For contacts on the SIM card I did not succeed. Clearer seems to me a clear indication of the name with a simple background, still a nice gimmick.

Bluetooth: Not tested but probably very useful for owners of cars with built-in speakerphone when the vehicle hopefully supports devices from the company Doro..

Display: Here the Panasonic can score, with the Doro also has a good display. The font size can be at Doro in two stages, set at Panasonic in 3 stages. Most probably the first stage will be sufficient, because the bigger, the less letters, numbers are to overlook. Run the names, if they can not be displayed completely complacent about the display.

The manual is well understood by technically interested and is in some languages ​​at. The selected font size and font should be easily readable. Unfortunately, all languages ​​are bound in a book. Individually, as the Panasonic is handy.

The included charger is easy to use and practical. When traveling the device can also be connected directly to the cable and load.

The tastes are different and so fortunately possible both devices should be times to take in hand, to find its own decision.
For users, there are major difficulties in the field of vision, or who places particular emphasis on the extra-large buttons, is well served with the Panasonic. It is maybe a tick easier to use.
Anyone looking for a simple, robust, well-to-use phone that you like to take in the hand, the Doro should look closer.
In our house the Doro was awarded the contract, 4 and have star from me.

Addendum 02.21.2013: The top rated Doro 612 was black / black in color! I've gotten aubergine / white ordered one device in the color, which unfortunately goes back.
The keys are white with dark here. Anyway, as long as it is not turned on! When switched on, the keyboard lettering is bright backlit, making it hardly read! White button, white illuminated font. That is NOT Seniorenhandy more! Note 6 to the manufacturer for this variant and 1 star less because the rating is displayed in every color ..... The second model is now the black / white version. That should fit again ;-)

Best where is;) Rank: 5/5
March 14
Better it is hardly Rank: 5/5
December 12
Somehow not consistent ... Rank: 2/5
April 6
air diffusers for aquarium Rank: 5/5
April 23

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