Connection is Power!  Optically not the expected hit, but confident the whole package!

Connection is Power! Optically not the expected hit, but confident the whole package!

Watchdogs - Bonus Edition - [PlayStation 4] (Video Game)

Customer Review

Ubisoft's "watchdog" was undoubtedly one of the titles to which I've been looking forward since the announcement before felt a hundred years at most. OpenWorld is anyway my case, the whole then spiced with ner send optics, interesting gameplay deposits, all the hacking stuff and Chicago as the venue. That sounds NEM megahit! Or maybe not? Well, you learn as always in the following lines.

\\\ GAMEPLAY & all the trappings ///

Phew, at "watchdogs" I do not know quite where to start, because the gameplay has really something and I want to leave something reluctantly appreciable. But from the beginning: The gameplay skeleton is that of a classic OpenWorld Games such as "GTA", which I would lean against it in the event of "watchdogs" EHR "Assassin`s Creed". Aiden Pearce, the name of the main protagonist is, normally at a slightly depressed Stick (very cool the way with hands in pockets), he swings in the endurance run over when the stick fully by pressing and he finally runs when the R2 added key draws. On top of Aiden dominated even the obstacle course race. So you push even the Circle button, then it will automatically change over every obstacle to be overcome, such as fences, smaller walls or whatever. All this of course is strongly reminiscent of "Assassin's Creed, but it has its own charm, because Mr. Pearce is still moving despite all very human through the virtual game world. So he does not jump about 10 meters or scrambles within seconds 15 meter high wall up, as do the assassins like. Chicago from above, is here so nich there! Aiden is also going to be able to cover. He does this in the best "Gears of War" style at your fingertips. Simply aim for a wall or large object and press, already he is self-employed in coverage Speaking independently. Aiden adjusts its movement even on its own (as Nathan Drake about) the situation means:. If you come in a fenced off area, so he ducks For example, by itself while running and pulls the mask over his face. Everything super comfortable! The shooting also comes after the first battle on in the flesh. The blunderbuss are (unfortunately a bit cumbersome) selected via a wheel-menu where you can are then drawn at the request or put away. Nice idea: The gun, for example, Aiden keeps a little hidden behind his back, and that's not just a nice detail what looks cool, no, it has also its meaning! For the passers-by react at worst with an emergency call to the police on your visible weapon, and then shake off, here is not easy, but more on that in Part AI more! But in close combat Aiden is not an unknown quantity. If an enemy directly in front of you, pressing the round button and Aiden sufficient missed his opposite a beautiful Kauleisten massage with the expandable baton. This is always different staged a bit, depending on how the situation demands.

But all of that is just the tip of the iceberg, because Aiden is not only of transportation and of fighting powerful, no he is a hacker - a real all-rounder if you will. The almost main weapon of Aiden Pearce is namely his smartphone, which allows you to do all sorts of funny things. In the run (or fun) switch a light turned green and make the traffic run its course? Is it possible to do! The cars attract the cops in an alley and leave steel bollard go out of the ground? Also, no problem! In fleeing on foot race along a platform, stop the approaching train, hop in quickly and then escape it? This is also in it! There damn many ways how to use the environment to his advantage. Later followed by explosions gas lines, or even entire blackouts darken the city and you are useful for escape. The most important, however: the whole system works exceptionally well! Namely sufficient simply to press the square button to all of these actions. Aiden is targeting them independently to manipulative objects in the environment and in perfectly timed situations this flash even blue. So the chance really high, the cops or gangsters can be destroyed by, for example road bollard, flash and beep it like crazy. You then react at the right moment - the most has a narrow window of time - makes it chic in Slow-Mow-style boom tidy.

And also the kind of money-making in procurement "watchdogs" neat fun. In addition to rewards by completed missions and orders, you can hack the phones of some passers-by with Aiden`s smartphone. So you not only gives access to confidential data, such as the professional, the annual income or marital status of his opposite number, no one even comes to his account information. So you caught a passerby of a little money has on the edge, to hack his data via keystroke and uses the closest ATMs, which are everywhere around town. The amounts then fall out completely differently. Sometimes there are $ 140, $ 5,000 times. The totals are added by the way. It is sufficient if one migrates all 10 hacks or machines and a large amount stands. And also on side missions one arrives durch`s chop. Cracks, for example, the mobile phone of a gangster who just planning the next coup with his interlocutor, one of the location is displayed and you can then take action and thwart all there.

For many actions, you are finally evaluated and perceived according to the passersby. This then affects in so far that even a look away if you do not behave you people the standard corresponding to the public. On top of it there also still nen huge talent tree, which is composed of the talents: hoes fight, Manufactured and driving composed. These talents have appropriate skills that can be improved. How about that you can chop a train, dampen the recoil of a gun, a spare battery for your mobile phone, car break without alarm trigger or a faster weapon switch. Here there is a lot to unlock and much of it is really very useful and has a positive effect on the gameplay from.

About the smartphone you can still reach into other menus, such as statistics, the car service (here you can have it delivered cars and new acquisitions) accept online orders, interest checking, listen to audio logs, enjoy music and mini-games start , So you notice already, here lies a whole lot of substance behind and at the beginning you can feel really overwhelmed a little. I have certainly used for some time, until I held everything and found myself cope, because the many Bidlschirminformationen are not without. Anyway, that's one of the great strengths of watchdogs, because the thing has here Playful lot and it works!

In the wealth of opportunities and the great feeling which arises from this is "watchdogs" a real gameplay Kracher. First, however, the wealth is not without possibilities. I needed on my part anyway some time to Frutten everything. Eventually, however, to show a lot of finesse to interact with enemies and the environment, to finally find his style of play and so in turn, the right to have fun. Also the gameplay gives the better you get, always this great feeling of superiority. Oh yes, Aiden can also swim and ride Bot!

\\\ /// GRAPHIC

Optical saw "watchdogs" to the beginnings of advertising campaigns so famously good and the big question is, of course, what is now stuck on the actual next-gen consoles them. And what can I say, there are both light and dark side! At day's "watchdogs" a quite pretty OpenWorld Game, which hardly however sprayed next-gen feel. At times it can be even with last year appeared provide "GTA 5" on an equal footing. At night, however, finally shows the full splendor of "watchdogs". Here usually dominate really cool lighting and shading effects, the scenery which ausschauen especially when it rains (reflective asphalt combined with street lighting) rather fat. Here Ubisoft makes even "Infamous" - which to date the game with the most beautiful light effects is for my taste - competition. Right out badly, however, are the faces of the characters for my taste. Apart from Aiden Pearce, facial hair or models usually seem very stiff. One has to look at his sister in the talks only once. Body models, however, can be proud of really. Especially Aiden Pierce` jacket with its many details and its movable collar when he turns his head - this looks really good!

Total "watchdogs" for a next-gen version so quite mixed, at least for my expectations. During the day this is not a next-gen optical, that's a fact! Still, it's pretty definitely. The grass, the trees swaying in the wind, the sun, the reflections on the car paint, it all looks quite substantially. But it was only at night, the whole Power shows that goes into this game. Because here actually comes to next-gen atmosphere. However, this positive impression then dim the lousy facial animations. However, for it to speak again the character models. You notice already, on every Pro follows here a Contra and vice versa.

\\\ Chicago is your home ///

But gameplay and all around it is of course not everything in life. Essential for the game is in an open world game, of course, the OpenWorld itself, and which has become really good! Ubisoft has done a great job here and created an excellent with vibrant game world, because here is full of life basically at every turn. People walking or smooch on the street corner, they buy something in the store or centimes on the pedestrian walkway, cars driving in most considerable quantity through the area, the AI ​​also builds accidents, medical scales race through the streets and the most important: the environment responds to the actions of the main actors. Well, all this then results in a really cool OpenWorld, where it neatly fun to stroll through the area and watch the bustle.

And Playful and Optical Chicago offers a lot. Large highways, huge skyscrapers and office blocks, bridges, shops and sights (where one way, can even deposit money and other paraphernalia for other online players), less beautiful area on the outskirts, dark alleys and warehouses, trains, underground roads and more , Beautiful are the way also the many secret paths that Chicago has in store for you.

I like the city of Tranformers 3 and The Dark Knight incredibly well. The feeling that exudes this open world, contributes greatly to the positive impression. Roads, streets, highways, tunnels, skyscrapers, all paired with many details, everything fits like chalk and cheese to the atmosphere of the game!


The enemy AI has some places right in itself, especially on the higher difficulty levels. Take time to start ne shootout, then steal ne Karre and disappear around the corner, this is not very easy, especially at the beginning of the season. Aiden Pearce infected as a not many hits. If you have the shootout but then survived, mostly is on the hunt by the police. Here it is then hang the strips scales and to leave the search area. As far as known. However, what follows is new. The cops scan arbitrarily namely the area. Since her in one of these scans, you locate the law enforcers and take immediately the chase. A cool feature: You can hide in the car. For this you simply parked in an alley or roadside, pushing the circle button. Prompt on Aiden from the car and crouches down in the driver's seat. As the game progresses you still on but free gadgets that help you properly in the run, as the interference of the police scans and other Gimmiks.

Properly neat! The AI ​​is crisp, it makes life difficult, can not be equal to two corners of the persecution from, has nice gimmicks spendiert get which bring fresh air into a chase, shoot sharp and yet the whole fair!


What is allowed in an open-world game of this kind not be missed? Exactly, weapons! Because of the good Aiden Pearce not only with his baton in the melee. Will there be times bleaker and it requires the situation, then one engages in "watchdogs" just sometimes a weapon. Here you can draw on a broad repertoire back, such as assault rifles, grenade launchers, silenced pistol, semi-automatic pistols and grenades. But not only that. In many corners of the city are also found repeatedly pockets with components or chemical components (this one gets by the way also usually in the shops of the city). These components can then build weapons of a different kind, such as a device that causes a power outage or a deflection module emits the noise.

And what must in an open world game is not missing also? Yes exactly! Vehicles! And there are in "watchdogs" a whole lot. The means of transportation are composed of many models, such as sports scales, muscle cars, cheap car bodies, lorries, motorbikes and even boats. The control of vehicles is sometimes more and sometimes less successful (sometimes a bit spongy). On the whole, however, Foxes on.

And what would be a cool hacker with melee skills and flexi Send cart, without the right outfit? Exactly, just a hacker with melee skills and flexi Send barrow. For this reason, the makers pack in addition to the Gun Stores also clothes shops in the city. With the necessary small change, you can make your hero in this way to slip into a new outfit. Specifically, ie pants, jacket, etc. but you can not let off steam here, because the clothing is always made complete outfits. Still, it's a cool idea to adapt his Aiden Pearce, a little self.

Cars, guns and the own style clothes, which will harden the hearts more. For my taste, the components are exactly that contribute in an open world game much to the long-term fun.

\\\ SOUND, SOUNDTRACK & Synchronization ///

The Ubisoft tradition common to come "watchdogs" therefore with a German voice, which is always a cool thing in an open world game, of course. After all, who does not know this: You drive in "GTA" and Co. through the area and suddenly begin Leutchens dialogue. Thank remains as often (in hardcore English slang) a choice between reading or driving. This problem does not exist here so. Much more important, however: the German Synchro has become pretty good. Especially main protagonist Aiden Pierce has been filled by a suitable German voice (among others Patrick Dempsey).

The sound in the overall pact also sounds very neat. Dialogues are always clear and understandable weapons sound powerful and the musical numbers are upbeat and varied. Only the engine sound of two and four wheels is partially somewhat underpowered and also enigmatic. Because in some missions, for example, the music is at times such a presence respectively superficially that one does not hear the car. Although one can in the menu, the individual tracks here and there a little change, but this has the downside has little effect.

For an open world game, the acoustic side is very well done and apart from the engine sound, there is nothing to complain about.

\\\ /// Multiplayer

Apart from the obligatory online race, it is also possible to penetrate during normal game operation in the game a foreign player, and these to observe, for example, or to hack data from it. For this you simply start an online mission, already the other player is displayed on the Map. Then it is necessary to go into the proximity of the enemy, to stay in this radius and steal data. The other players know about your existance, but do not know what you look like. So it's up to you, do good to hide (behind objects, in cars) and your opponents, to locate you using scanning and good eye. The same works the way around the other way. Each time a player can enter your game and try to hack you. Here you get a warning, given the radius displayed where it is located and it is looking for, find and off. Great, fresh game idea that really has potential!

Yipppiiii, you've done it again my miserably to read long text, sums up anyway! Because it is still my overall conclusion about "watchdogs", and that falls like this. Ich finds cool ... point! Basically "watchdogs" exceeds my expectations in all areas, except the optics. Playful, it is absolutely first class and multi-layered, Chicago rocking the venue and acts uncannily fresh, the German speech I expect high and also it is really neat and the characters are well drawn. The side missions also provide hours of entertainment and the story has a lot of playing time. The only thing that really bothers me a little, is the graphics. For sure, this game is pretty, no question! But I expect more here simply for a next-gen title! I tend basically to 4.5 stars. However, as I find it a bit unfair to devalue only because of the optics to 4 stars, from me it full marks because the whole package right here easily!

So, as always, I hope this helps you my scribbling a little in their purchasing decision. In this sense: Enjoy watchdogs ... or maybe not!.


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