Could do better for the price on certain aspects - accessories, storage box etc.  - ....

Could do better for the price on certain aspects - accessories, storage box etc. - ....

Bosch support multi-sander PWR 180 EC Deluxe Edition with dust collector and accessories 10 06033C4002 (Tools & Accessories)

Customer Review

Presentation: 7/10
A good big box, although solid gives an impressive idea to that, like me, used small sanders.
From the start, it gives a professional nature to this equipment.
Nothing to say about the package at Bosch and explanations that they contain.
Let's be honest, I can not try all the accessories to give you a full test, but, as usual, when I know these situations, I embellished over water my comments and notes can vary downward or upward.
This will happen for this equipment.
Premier "bad point": not even a plastic bag to store everything? Ouch!
It is well with handle grips - thankfully - as it weighs a little ...

Accessories: 5/10
Sorry speaking of accessories, when some of them are repeated several copies but different granularity and others are not present to the call.
The notion Deluxe is a little ... overused ... It'll take points (: o (
In fact, some discs that cost does not come with ... greuhhhhh! No serious Mister Bosch!

Use: 7/10
Between the sandpaper to rub manually, the small hand sander with nothing other and go with it, it's a change, a return to time efficiency as a result, an economy of gesture (finished tendonitis after several days of sanding plasterboard for example). Convenience, efficiency and speed especially on large surfaces ... but beware, the accuracy is not prohibited, it is simply difficult to obtain without training a few months.

Vacuum side ... moderately well. Certainly, the vacuum cleaner is not the type we know, it has sufficient capacity, but it is not a 100% effectiveness ... and dust is still there, if much of it is sucked. You can - but I would not - put a real contender system instead, but hello true for engine vacuum ... You decide, but then, it is worth buying the model originally without aspiration.

Results: 7/10
as I said, it goes fast and quite good, but for accuracy, better to have with itself, a smaller and refine the work of the great ...
As parquet scrapers, achtung! Wood quickly eat if you go hard the first time. A prosecutor attacked too fast, its waves look like on the surface of a rising tide lapping at lightweight ...

Price / quality: 7/10

Average rating: 6.6 / 10 - good machine - recommended purchase - but could do better for the price on certain aspects found in this text.

Super 345 Rank: 5/5
April 3
Age switch! Rank: 5/5
July 12
Very nice for the fans Rank: 5/5
April 22
Effective 1287 Rank: 5/5
June 15
Very good product in 1932 Rank: 5/5
March 27

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