DAB + for beginners: Easy to use - even without fine motor skills!

DAB + for beginners: Easy to use - even without fine motor skills!

VRradio Portable DAB + / FM radio DOR 100.rx with RDS feature (Electronics)

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First of all: DAB + (the successor to the old DAB) will only be expanded to train train. On the Lankarte there is therefore still a number of areas with poor or no reception of DAB +. But neither can this device something even each other. Who would not only regional country broadcasters on DAB + in particular, but also want to hear the federal multiplexed (ERF, Germany Radio, Classic Radio, 90elf Football Radio, Radio Horeb etc.) must be in poor reception area for a few months, a maximum of up to wait 2015. But then there's something for your ears: DAB + is really a great thing. This will confirm anyone who can receive it already, as I ...

This is the forth recommended by the price / performance ratio entry-level device for the "Radio of the Future", DAB +. For most in promotions can be found on the German market sometimes a cheaper device. And the best: The quality is - except when connecting the power supply to the unit! Even the remaining devices in the lower or even middle price range are not much better than this device. The following reasons:

- Unbeatable ease of use: Not to say spartan, minimalist. An advantage especially for older people and children is really absolutely simple operation that does not require fine motor skills! (In this model, there are no nasty leagues menus through which you often have to navigate even by mini-keys.) The existing menu is not required in principle. If that's not simple: There is only one off-on pushbutton, a rotary control for selecting stations and another knob for volume control. Then simply yet another button, with which you - can start a channel scan, or alternatively could just go into the menu anyway hardly needed - if necessary times.

- Sound (mono, only via existing headphone jack Stereo): For this price the speakers sound a veritable feast for the ears. Even much more expensive devices often have built cheap, lousy speakers, therefore still sound well over 50% of the DAB + devices on the market horribly tinny or artificially. The tested device here you can also turn up loud, yet both voice and music sounds really good and quite natural. A clear advantage!

- Size of the device: small, to take along on trips or outside ideal. The power supply is built into the device, using a USB cable and USB power plug adapters can be connected to any 230 volt outlet (all included). Alternatively, battery operation with 4 AA batteries is possible. However, the battery consumption is for continuous operation is not too low, so the device is clearly recommended for use at the outlet. (Battery mode: In menu the display illumination on short-term operation, thereby noticeably save battery!)
The device is stable, does not tip so easily how many competing devices of this size and price range.

- The price of [original times] 40 EUR!
Update: The shipper has now pitched. Who EUR 50 or even more pay for this device, in which the mentioned price / performance advantage over the competition relativized considerably !!!

The disadvantages are also mentioned:

- Miserable, unacceptable quality of the mains supply to the unit: Please no more than absolutely necessary "plug in - plug out" practice, ie the unit should be allowed to stand fix where it is and you're done. Otherwise, the time is at hand, that the socket is unusable and the device only can still be operated on batteries. Sad, too sad, for otherwise really good unit ...
Devaluation to two stars because of this Datails - otherwise there would have been a complete starry sky !!!

- Style: Not available! So easy and simple as this device is set up and working, so it looks.

- Mono-mode: This model has a single speaker, so it's not stereo. This speaker sounds but pleasantly well (see above). About a jack connector, which is present in the device, stereo Kopföhrer one but can connect and then even enjoy the stereo sound! The same manufacturer also has a stereo speaker model in the range, but which I can not comment because I have not tested the way for about 70 EUR.

- No station can be stored as favorites! All TV channels (where I live, after all, about 50) alphabetic (sequentially through a circular orbit) are displayed by name on the display while you rotate the Tuning knob. Staying with one of the transmitter (if and as long as you read the name on the display, by not turning the knob) are, the device switches after a few seconds to go directly to that station. Before we hear during the round in circulation still continue the last station. Reciprocating heart Appen, between five or ten favorite channels that does not offer this device so explicitly!

Conclusion: strike when and as long as you can still get somewhere this unit for around 40 EUR! Who primarily a single, specific, wants to hear DAB + stations, and possibly puts on ease of use as a senior or child value that can save expensive equipment and should hereby be happy. Who would ever possible to switch directly from several favorite channels, which should not select this device to not always having to carry out the alphabetically arranged station names-all-search when changing channels better. FM receives the device also what remains interesting to the full extension of the DAB + transmitter network or abroad. However, the FM reception I did not review because I put it no value, since I enjoy DAB +, about 50 channels to choose have.
Attention, impending price spiral upwards by the consignor: EUR 50, this device is hardly more in no way worth !!!

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January 2
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