Dangerous!  Hands off !!!

Dangerous! Hands off !!!

Sandpit 140x140cm with a height-adjustable and tiltable sunroof

Customer Review

Did not order the thing with great expectations, only its purpose was to fulfill. Delivery is fast - when unpacking first disappointment. Thin cheap boards, unclean processed with ausgefranztem wood.
Build a disaster - nothing fits, the seat is too bad cut that at the corners all tips survive (risk of injury). The'd like seats are too narrow and poorly finished, that the children at most cut the thigh and wounded. Roof construction - a joke. Cheaper does not go. Screws are so cheap, they would refer to as "single-use bolts" - once screwed, they are no longer usable. If they keep for :(
Then finish up, I've let down the roof - which is not possible as a single person - after that, the thread had detached from the cheap wood. Apart from the image which is the roof completely shuts the sandpit a scam. The roof is 20 cm above the sandbox are because the notch (see large picture) does not go all the way down. So ne invitation as a litter box!
The roof made up again - even alone impossible tightened - all very shaky - I went to the garage to pick up the first sandbag.
A small gust of wind - so no storm - really just a slight breeze - and the shock was great. The roof has repeatedly turned on NP pinwheel 360 °. It has cracked and everything was broken. Not imagine what would have happened if the children were sitting there in the sandbox. That thing is dangerous! So something to offer - very negligent!
I then threw away the entire roof structure. Had my carpenter from 4 make good stable quality and wide wooden planks and it is screwed onto the frame joke - that the thing is at all usable.
The ground I have covered and firmly stapled with NEM flow - because the thing is in the meadow.
Two wooden boards now serve as cover.
Would that thing never buy again. Every cent is kicked. I bought a lot on the internet - but something bad and dangerous - what for children !!!! should be - has never come across me! Hands off !!!

My son is delighted 1 1 Rank: 5/5
December 26
The Wings Alexanne Rank: 3/5
July 29
One of their best. Rank: 4/5
September 29
Very correct. 25 Rank: 4/5
August 27
BOF ill-fitting shell Rank: 2/5
January 21

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